[Montréal] The FounderFuel accelerator lifts the veil on its new 2012 vintage

by bold-lichterman

Founded mid-2011, FounderFuel has carved out, in just a few months, a solid reputation in the Canadian Internet ecosystem. The Startup Accelerator welcomes teams of creators for an intensive three-month mentoring that ends with a Demo Day in front of Canadian professionals, media and investors.

Montreal The FounderFuel accelerator lifts the veil on its new

The device announces today the names of the 11 new projects which will integrate the Spring 2012 promotion of FounderFuel. Selected from hundreds of candidates, these startups are respectively specialized in web, mobile, gaming and SaaS. It is :

  • Appify which develops compelling applications that bring visibility, accessibility and performance to web publishers.
  • Centerside : adaptive web presences for the connected generation.
  • Epilogger : application that allows you to view, create and share content – before, during and after an event.
  • HealthAware : online application that aims to put an end to difficulties in making medical appointments.
  • Live Rides : a network of carpooling that makes the road more social.
  • Notesolution : educational resources enriched by users for university preparation and exam survival!
  • Ooomf : platform that allows developers to “socialize their applications”, thus transforming their subscribers into users and their followers into role models.
  • PayPhoneAPP : Use your money when and how you want with your smartphone, all with one easy-to-use app.
  • Prestopolis : Real-time marketing solutions for local retailers.
  • ShopAround : Browse stores on your iPhone or iPad and plan your next purchase from the comfort of your own home.
  • TenScores : computerized platform that simplifies and optimizes Google Adwords campaigns, even for the smallest of users.

So far, thanks to an initial fundraising of CAN $ 2 million from Real Ventures, each project received CAN $ 10,000 (+ CAN $ 5,000 per creator), and benefited from the accelerated program in exchange for an equity investment from FounderFuel up to 6% of the capital. From now on, with the second recent round of CAN $ 6 million with the VC branch of Bank of Canada, no less than 40 teams will have the opportunity to receive an average aid of CAN $ 150,000 over the next two years.

Last fall’s promotion consisted of 9 teams, 4 of which raised a total of more than CAN $ 2.5M.

Last April, Frenchweb spoke with Ian Jeffrey, CEO of FounderFuel, on the occasion of a second fundraising of CAN $ 6M:

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