[Montréal] Savoir Faire Linux relies on free software to find its place

by bold-lichterman

Founded fifteen years ago, Linux Know-How is a Montreal company specializing in services based on free software: Web development, infrastructure management, training, software integration… Based in Montreal, the company, which also has offices in Quebec City, Toronto and Paris, now has offices in Quebec City, Toronto and Paris. hui 120 employees. Among its clients: the Canadian bank Desjardins, the Canadian space agency and the Canadian army.

“At Savoir Faire Linux, what we bring to our customers first is a new way of working. The technologies, basically, are all freely available on the Internet. It is not necessarily this dimension that sets us apart. It is (rather, editor’s note) our ability to work differently, in a distributed manner, based on collaboration, sharing, relationships with several communities on the Internet which provide us with their support and who are behind us, ”explains Laurent Marie.

Interview with Laurent Marie, Europe manager, and Christophe Villemer, executive vice-president, at Savoir Faire Linux: