MonsieurDrive: “We have 24 million products scanned every day”

by bold-lichterman

Price comparators also concern the retail sector. This is the message of MonsieurDrive, a platform that allows Internet users to compare the prices of products, and the final cost of a given basket, in supermarkets that offer drive services. To achieve this, the company collects the data available on the sites of more than 3,300 stores. “We have 24 million products scanned every day,” says Carole Walter, the co-founder.

Launched in 2013, the start-up now claims several hundred thousand unique visitors each month. But to retain visitors who have used the comparator and already know the cheapest drive nearby, the company also offers product suggestions to vary their products.

2 million euros raised

MrDrive is remunerated by marketing visibility offers to brands that want to highlight their products. The company assures however “not to have economic links with distributors, nor technological” to ensure its independence.

The start-up is not alone in this market, however, since other players such as Shoptimise or TopDrive have also positioned themselves. To accelerate, MonsieurDrive raised 2 million euros last year. More details with Carole Walter, CEO and co-founder of MonsieurDrive.

CEO: Carole walter

Creation: may 2013

Activity: price comparison at drives

Funding: € 2 million raised in 2014

Competitors: Shoptimize, TopDrive …

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