MobiquiThings storms the IoT market with its “global SIM card”

by bold-lichterman

The connected objects market is expected to weigh more than $ 1,700 billion by 2020, according to IDC. A potential that MobiquiThings wants to capture, a company in Sophia Antipolis which is developing a communication network for the IoT.

The company operates as a B2B telecom operator for connections machine-to-machine in industrial sectors such as energy, transport or distribution for example. “This can go from the maritime container, through the drink dispenser or the payment terminal of blue cards», Explains to Frenchweb Cyril Hullin. “We bring a global SIM card, systematically multi-operator, in which code is embedded to connect to the most efficient network according to the business logic and the managed object“.

The company is remunerated by marketing communications which include data, SMS and sometimes even voice, sold in the form of packages or by the meter, always for fleets of objects.

The company has to face competition from several players, including that of the French Sigfox, which recently saw Samsung land its capital. “The difference is the market positioning. Sigfox addresses rather low speed connection needs, with small message sizes (…). It’s a fairly large market. We rather address premium use cases, that is to say objects that mix various communication channels, data, SMS, voice … and which require connectivity all over the world», Explains Mr. Hullin.

To accelerate, the company was acquired in the summer of 2015 by the Canadian telecommunications group Sierra Wireless for 14 million dollars. Enough to bring new customers to MobiquiThings. More details with Cyril Hullin, co-founder of MobiquiThings.

Founders: Cyril Hullin and Frederic Maro

Creation: 2010

The head office : Sophia antipolis

Market : connected objects, M2M connectivity

Competitor: Sigfox

Acquisition: MobiquiThings acquired by Sierra Wireless

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