Mobiles, social networks and journalists: the 3 new studies to discover

by bold-lichterman

Europe: 171M VU on social networks last March, France: when mobiles boost the audience of social networks, Twitter: new tool of choice for French journalists? … Focus on three new studies.

Europe: 171M VU on social networks last March

Mobiles social networks and journalists the 3 new studies to

According to the latest figures from ComScore, in Europe, social networks recorded an audience of nearly 171M VU last March, an increase of almost 8% compared to the same period the previous year. Another highlight of the study: over the month studied, nearly 66.9M Europeans (United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, France) accessed these social platforms from their mobile. A figure up 43% over one year. On mobile, Twitter recorded the strongest audience surge, up 101% over one year. Facebook, however, remains the social network that drains the most traffic from mobiles with 62.4M unique mobile users, registered last March.

France: when mobiles boost the audience of social networks

EMarketer firm also recently published a study on the uses of social networks in France. Thus, according to the firm’s forecasts, social platforms should attract nearly 21.9M French Internet users in 2012, and nearly 23.6M in 2013. Once again, the “mobile” lever is widely singled out. By the end of the year, the number of Internet users accessing social networks from their mobile should concern 7.5M people, an increase of 53.8%, to reach 11.3M mobile users in 2013. The cabinet estimates even, in 2014, nearly 25% of the French population will access social networks from their mobile.
While according to previous statistics, the French are not very enthusiastic about social networks, the “mobile factor” seems to reconcile them with these platforms. Indeed, according to eMarketer’s forecasts, France should be in 2014 as the 2nd European country with the highest rate of access to social networks from mobile devices.

Mobiles social networks and journalists the 3 new studies to

Twitter: new favorite tool for French journalists?

Still in terms of social networks, the webjournalism observatory recently published the results an investigation on the use of social networks by French journalists. Relayed and commented on the blog, the study is based on a panel of 600 journalists, interviewed online since last March. First observation highlighted in this survey: journalists use Twitter more in a professional logic, while Facebook, for its part, is in the private sector.

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While Twitter would present itself, according to Erwan Gaucher, as “the new club of journalists”, Facebook seems to be taken by storm by the media, “who are trying to impose their mark on it by bringing together the largest possible community. “. A real tool for journalists, Twitter would therefore be “a space where journalists allow themselves freedom of tone, of choice of subjects”.