Mobile work, a key element of digital transformation for 62% of professionals

by bold-lichterman

For more than 6 out of 10 decision-makers, the success of the digital transformation of their organization depends above all on being able to offer their teams to work in a mobile way, according to the study “The State of Digital Workspace»Produced by VM Ware. In other words, the main issue for CDOs today is to allow their company’s employees to access suitable work tools, no matter where they are.


Conducted with more than 1,200 decision-makers (in IT and other departments), the study looks at the business priorities of professionals for the coming year.

78% of professionals are already working on the mobility of their employees

First observation of the report, almost half of the professionals questioned (49%) are actively working on the implementation of mobility solutions in their organization, and 29% believe they have succeeded. Among the main initiatives implemented, we will retain the migration to a new IT infrastructure, the upgrading of infrastructures so that they are compatible with the mobile, or the reconstruction of critical applications so that they are compatible with the mobile phone. mobile (deployed by 36% of respondents).

Note, less than a third (31%) of respondents have already addressed the issue of securing mobile devices, and 29% of them that of BYOD programs (Bring Your Own Device, devices allowing employees to use their personal mobile terminals in a professional context).

In terms of priority work objectives for the year, 42% of respondents place the improvement in the productivity of their teams, 32% the rationalization of their business processes, and 30% the reduction of costs related to the having mobile teams.

An average ROI of 150%

When asked about the tools that allow them to achieve their goals, professionals believe that digital workspaces make it possible to both strengthen terminal security (at 42%), optimize costs (at 32%), and contain the risk of data loss (to 31%).

And for good reason, companies that have actively taken up the subject of digital workspaces have reaped short-term benefits: more than half of them (51%) say they have better visibility of their employees’ mobile uses. , and 87% of them have seen productivity gains of up to 36%. With regard to the profitability of these mobility projects, 41% of companies that have set up digital workspaces have observed better management of their costs, and the average ROI estimated by them is 150%. Lastly, nearly half of the companies (48%) that have set up ten mobility-related projects believe they have found new sources of income (compared to 34% of companies that have set up less than 5).

** Methodology: study carried out in June 2016 with more than 1,200 decision-makers in IT, influencers, and decision-makers around the world.

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