[Mobile] What to expect from 2013 with Mathieu Drida – MeilleurMobile.com

by bold-lichterman

Launched 2004, BestMobile.com responds to all internet users’ requests for mobile telephony: information, advice, purchase of devices and packages, resale, recycling, etc. The platform lists 800 telephone references and compares the offers of 20 operators. E-commerce and media site, MeilleurMobile.com has 20 permanent employees for a turnover of 15 M € and claims 1.5 M VU / month.

Mobile What to expect from 2013 with Mathieu Drida
His latest news: the arrival of Catherine Barba. The specialist in e-commerce and customer relations (Cashstore, Malinea, Digital Commerce, etc.) has just joined the board of directors.

While the battle for packages continues to rage and the arrival of 4G offers in 2013 will partly reshuffle the cards, Mathieu Drida, CEO of the company, shares his expertise on the challenges and prospects of the sector for the coming year. is coming.

After the new packages at 9.99 € / month for unlimited calls, are we going towards truly unlimited data proposals and at what price? Will Windows Phone take its place in 2013?