Mobile payment: Google wants to rebuild its health against Apple by buying Softcard

by bold-lichterman

Google is burying the battle ax with Softcard, its former competitor in contactless payment. The two companies announced in two separate blog posts, the takeover from owner operators AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. The amount of the transfer was not disclosed. This operation marks a turning point in Google’s strategy, which had not yet proved its worth on NFC technology (Near-Field-communications) with its “Wallet”.

Softcard and Google have announced the installation of the Google Wallet, which will be integrated into Android smartphones from next fall. Until now the three mobile operators in the United States blocked the Google Wallet on phones to promote their own payment service. But “Isis”, the former name of Softcard which was renamed last year, also failed to establish itself in practice.

The market is still largely dominated by Apple with its Apple Pay. It is indeed available on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and soon on Apple Watch, recalls Unlike its rival, Apple Pay can also be used with bank cards in the United States. It is therefore a marriage of convenience between Google and Softcard to catch up with Android users and merchants.