Mobile Internet will generate 42 billion euros in revenue in France in 2017 according to BCG

by bold-lichterman

In France, revenues generated by mobile Internet should reach 42 billion euros in 2017 according to a study (“The Mobile Internet Economy in Europe”) by the Boston Consulting Group. In Western European countries (Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy and Spain), this figure is expected to rise to 230 billion euros, again by 2017, i.e. an average annual growth rate of 25%, says the firm.

Side hardware, the BCG study predicts a drop of nearly 38% in the prices of smartphones sold in Europe by 2017, a higher rate than expected globally.

“The dynamism of the mobile Internet sector is maintained by the almost daily appearance of new uses, in very diverse fields such as banking, education, health, public services, etc. (…) Investing in the quality of network infrastructures (4G LTE) is a necessary condition for this growth. The public authorities have a role to play on this subject ”concludes Pierre-Yves Jolivet, associate director in the Paris office.

However, 4G connections would only represent 3% of total connections today in Europe, against 25% of connections in North America according to BCG.

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