[Mobile] Facebook launches geolocated friend search

by bold-lichterman

The social network with 900M members has just activated a new feature dedicated to its mobile users. Baptized “Find friends nearby”, the tool allows mobile users to locate nearby people, also using the service.

Mobile Facebook launches geolocated friend search

To take advantage of this new option, which is not activated by default, mobile users simply need to download the new application internal to the network in question. “Find friends nearby” thus displays the list of members of the social network located nearby.

Spotted by Techcrunch, the application, which was initially to be called Friendshake, is already available on iOs and Android devices but also since this web page. Quoted by the specialized American blog, Ryan Patterson, engineer at Facebook, explained that this new feature was first developed as part of of a hackathon project. The first idea was therefore to find people we had met previously during conferences or other networking places.

As Techcrunch recalls, Find Friends Nearby made its appearance just a few weeks later the acquisition of Glancee by Facebook.

Mobile Facebook launches geolocated friend search

Co-founded in 2010 by three Italian entrepreneurs, Andrea Vaccari, Alberto Tretti and Gabriel Grise, Glancee is a mobile application allowing you to find and connect with your friends according to their geographical position. Developed in California, the geolocation application also allows its users to receive notifications from people near the place where they are with common interests.

When Glancee was purchased on May 7, the application was no longer available on the App Store and Google Play. Facebook had also announced that the start-up’s teams would quickly integrate its own.

After a sharp fall, the course of Facebook has grown 22% in two weeks. It had reached its lowest level of 25.87 dollars on June 5. Mark Zuckerberg’s company thus posted the price of $ 33.05 per share at its last closing price on Friday, June 22.