Mobile coverage: “No, femtocells are not taken into account”

by bold-lichterman

According to the telecoms authority, femtocells cannot replace antennas in a logic of mobile coverage.

In a message posted on Twitter yesterday, Jean-François Hernandez, the communications manager of Arcep stated very clearly: “Calculation of mobile coverage – No, femtocells (whose main purpose is to improve indoor coverage) are NOT taken into account”.


A statement which therefore indicates that operators cannot rely on the deployment of femtocells to fill a lack of population coverage on mobile networks.

As pointed out Numerama, this speech comes at a time when “last month, the Asian site DigiTimes revealed that a French telecom operator had ordered Femtocell boxes on a massive scale from the supplier Arcadyan”.

Many rumors about Free had then started to circulate. As a reminder, the Iliad subsidiary is required to have its own 3G network by 2018.

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