Mobile application: “freemium” would be the best monetization model (+ 211% growth)

by bold-lichterman

But another economic format competes strongly and could overtake it …

Revenue generated by model mobile applications freemium (which consists of providing free access to the software to make purchases inside thereafter, editor’s note) soared 211% in 2013 according to a study carried out by the American firms App Annie and IDC on the App Store alone from Apple and Google Play. A figure to be compared to the decline of paid applications whose revenues fell 29% over the same period.

The two institutes stress, however, that while the freemium is “the best way to monetize an application today”, the growth in revenue from advertising served in applications (+ 56% in 2013) exceeds that of traditional ads from computer or mobile browsers. “What is less well known is that advertising in-app is a source of strong revenue growth, with more than 40% of publishers we surveyed […] who uses it to monetize. Add to that a 60% growth in ad revenue in-app over the period 2012-2013, and it is clear [que ce modèle] start to compete freemium as a means of generating income ”explains Bertrand Schmitt, President of App Annie.

This format will also have to face a probable future regulation of the European authorities since Brussels wishes to impose rules on publishers in order to ensure greater transparency for consumers and avoid presenting as “free” applications that open the way to ex-purchases. -post [lire notre article : Applications mobiles : la Commission européenne veut imposer des règles aux modèles « freemium »].


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