Mobile advertising, tablets, emails … The last 3 studies to discover

by bold-lichterman

Mobile advertising could reach 12.8 billion dollars in 2013…. [France] 3 million homes equipped with tablets…. [Baromètre] Emails are now read first on the mobile…. Focus on three new studies.

Mobile advertising could reach $ 12.8 billion in 2013


According to estimates from Informa Telecoms & Media, the global mobile advertising market could be worth $ 12.8 billion in 2013, up from $ 8 billion in 2012.

In details, the display and search are expected to generate the most revenue in this area. However, in-app ads are expected to show the strongest growth over the next twelve months.

Despite these expected performances, brands should continue to spend more on web, print, television and radio in 2013.

[France] 3 million homes equipped with tablets


According to a recent study published by Médiamétrie, nearly 3M of households have a tablet in France, ie a little over 1 in 10. In addition, nearly 5% of households plan to acquire a tablet in the next 6 months.

In socio-demographic terms, the study indicates that the tablet is first established in large families and in an urban environment.

Finally, this new terminal is reaching an already very connected audience. In fact, more than 95% of the households concerned have internet access at home (vs. 74% on average) and almost a quarter of these households are already equipped with a Smart TV, compared to 13% on average.

[Baromètre] Emails are now read first on the mobile


Return Path has just published the latest results of its barometer devoted to checking emails. The study, carried out on a global scale, indicates that more users now consult and open their messages from their mobile device (37%) rather than from their webmail account (s) (30 %).

This trend appears to be lasting. Indeed, the opening rate of emails on mobile devices has tripled since 2010 and 4 out of 10 emails are now read on these devices.

We note, however, that in France, the trend remains reversed. In fact, only 17% of respondents read their emails from their smartphones while 41% read them from a web platform and 42% from an email client.

In detail, at the global level, the opening of emails on mobile devices is said to be booming in the sectors of retail trade (40%), consumer goods (40%) and real estate (38%) .

On the other hand, emails concerning bank data are always more consulted from desktop computers.

For Didier Colombani, of Return Path, this information highlights the extent to which professionals must now “take into account the preferences of consumers in terms of platforms and terminals when launching email marketing campaigns. “

The following infographic summarizes the main information resulting from this study, in particular by providing comparisons according to the regions of the world.

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