Missive wants to transform the email into a collaborative tool

by bold-lichterman

Philippe Lehoux, Rafael Masson and Etienne Lemay met in a coworking space. In 2014, they decided to join forces and create the application Missive.

The three founders started from an observation. Several employees receive the same email sent to a general address. Who answers? When? Have we already answered? Missive avoids asking all these questions. The application simplifies the management of emails by assigning a task to a defined person, by creating a chat …

More details with Franck Lahaye, Head of Sales.

FrenchWeb: What need does Missive meet?

franck-lahayeFranck Lahaye, Head of Sales: Missive answers three problems:

– the management of shared email boxes such as support @, contact @: who takes care of the last email received? Did this person read the email correctly and respond to the customer?

– Internal mail chains (Fw: FWD: Re: Re: Fw) that never end

– The many back and forth between conversations cat and the mail client.

Our team had to deal with the management of many customer emails sent to our shared mailbox.

We often had to collaborate internally before being able to respond to the client, but the tools were lacking and it was not uncommon to have to create a Google Doc file to work together on an important email… We were wasting precious time for a far-reaching result. ‘be optimum.

We quickly decided to develop Missive, a collaborative tool for meeting email and chat.

What’s your value proposition?

Missive is an online email client available on www.missiveapp.com and also via a native OS X application.

In addition to offering you the best of email (aliases, multiple accounts, delayed sending, read receipt, “snooze” function, etc.), we allow you to:

1- Manage your shared email boxes effortlessly. You just have to assign the emails to your employees with one click via the “assign to” button.

2- Share an email with your team and chat directly under the email channel. Emails and chat are grouped together in conversations that put an end to the loss of context!

3- Create shared labels. A conversation with the shared label “sale” will be accessible to all label members!


Who are the users of your solutions?

Our users are SME / SME for whom emails are an important means of communication but who do not have the time, the means or the need to set up a dedicated ticket management system.

We offer them the possibility of collaborating directly in their email client without changing their work habits.

What are your challenges?

The iPhone application will be available very soon as well as the “canned responses“(The possibility of inserting standard answers in a draft) and the”undo send“.

We are currently only available to Google Suite users but plan to support Exchange / Imap in the coming months. Integrations with tools like JIRA, Trello, Salesforce, Asana, etc. are also planned.

The product is evolving rapidly on solid foundations (already two years of development!) And the satisfaction of our customers comes first.

The big stake of a SaaS is to target the market well and to be able to put forward its value proposition in a very competitive environment. This encourages us to constantly listen to the needs of our customers.

What sets you apart from your competition?

Several players are trying to replace email (Slack, Ryver).

There is also Front, a tool that allows you to manage shared mailboxes but is designed as helpdesk software.

To our knowledge, we are the only collaborative email tool designed to consume all types of emails (both personal and professional).

Founders: Philippe Lehoux, Rafael Masson and Etienne Lemay

Creation date : creation in 2014 but the launch of the Missive application dates from 2016

Fundraising : any

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