Missed takeover of Bouygues Telecom by Orange: key dates in telecoms consolidation

by bold-lichterman

1987: Compagnie Générale des Eaux creates SFR and becomes “the initial player in the liberalization of the mobile market”.

1994: The Bouygues group creates its telecom subsidiary

August 2000: France Telecom buys Orange from Vodafone and takes control in 2003.

2005: the SFR-Cegetel group disappears on the occasion of the merger between its subsidiary Cegetel and Neuf Telecom, now Neuf Cegetel.

May 2008: SFR launches a takeover bid for Neuf Cegetel in order to create a new group.

2008: In addition to its cable operator activity, Numéricable Group is pooling the Numéricable and Completel networks with a view to positioning itself in telephony and the mobile offer in 2011.

January 2012: Free enters the telephony market

2013: Vivendi operates a split separating its media and telecoms activities in order to give SFR “greater strategic freedom and partnership”.

March 2014 : Vivendi receives two offers concerning the takeover of SFR, one from Altice and the other from the Bouygues group.

May 2014: Numericable enters into exclusive negotiations with OMEA Telecom for the purchase of MVNO Virgin Mobile.

October 2014: The Competition Authority authorizes, subject to conditions, the buyout of SFR by Numericable, finalized in November for 13 billion euros.

June 2015: Numericable-SFR announces that Altice has made an offer to buy back Bouygues Telecom.

December 2015: Bouygues denies any exit from its telecoms activities, but at the end of the month, a confidentiality agreement was signed with Orange, with a view to a sale scheduled for spring 2016.

February 2016: Information is published in the press on the sharing of Bouygues Telecom assets by other operators.

April 2016: Bouygues ends discussions with Orange with a view to a possible acquisition.

Article originally published in January 2016