Mille Pépites wants to put an end to the administrative paperwork of individual employers

by bold-lichterman

Launched in the summer of 2014, Thousand Nuggets is a Parisian start-up whose objective is to facilitate the administrative procedures and tasks relating to home jobs. Its platform summarizes all the formalities for individual employers. The user fills in a form including all the essential information, and Mille Pépites then completes all the formalities with organizations, including Urssaf for example.

It took several months to develop the platform and make sure we are uploading the correct files. We wanted to create a service that is simple and accessible to all », Explains to Frenchweb Frédéric Zydownik, co-founder of Mille Pépites with Annabelle Laurent-Gourraud. ” Undeclared work was estimated at 30% in 2014. Several surveys show that the trend is on the rise “.

The solution is marketed as a service (Saas) thanks to a monthly subscription of 12.90 euros, regardless of the number of jobs concerned, and without commitment. A few months after its launch, the company claims more than 9,000 members acquired through advertisements and word of mouth. The start-up is targeting a 1% market share within three years. More details with Frédéric Zydownik, co-founder of Mille Pépites.

Founders: Frédéric Zydownik and Annabelle Laurent-Gourraud

The head office : Paris

Creation: February 2014, site launch in August 2014

Workforce: 2 co-founders and several external collaborators

Number of users : 9,000 users claimed in April 2015