Microsoft would experiment with a free version of Windows 8.1

by bold-lichterman

The firm has already sold 200 million copies of Windows 8 in 15 months.

After having sold 200 million copies of Windows 8 in the world 15 months after its release, against nearly 300 million for the previous version in the same period of time, Microsoft wishes to accelerate its marketing. To achieve this, the firm could cut prices by 70% for manufacturers of low-cost computers and tablets, according to Bloomberg which quotes sources close to the matter. Thus, a manufacturer who had previously had to pay $ 50 per license to install it on an entry-level device (less than $ 250) would have to pay only $ 15.

But above all, the Redmond giant would experiment with a free and light version of its operating system according to the American news site The Verge. The project, called ” Windows 8.1 with Bing », would have a dual objective: to migrate the millions of active users of Windows 7 to the latest Microsoft game by offering them a free or low-cost update, and to highlight the various services cloud of the company with Bing, its search engine, as a central point of contact.