Microsoft: Stephen Elop should succeed Ballmer

by bold-lichterman

Update: The future ex-CEO of Microsoft hinted in an interview with the Seattle Times: Stephen Elop is tipped to succeed him at the head of Microsoft, following the takeover of Nokia.

Hardly arrived at the head of Nokia, the former boss of the Business division of Microsoft, Stephen Elop, had organized a merger with the firm of Redmond. Nokia then adopted Windows Mobile as its mobile OS, and abandoned Symbian.

2 years later, after many rumors of a merger, especially last June, the American giant decided to acquire most of Nokia’s activities for a total amount of 5.44 billion euros. This agreement therefore includes the entities manufacturing mobile phones and equipment, Services (3.79 billion euros) but also the license of the patents held by Nokia, the license and the use of the mapping services of the Finnish company (1, 65 billion euros). The operation should be finalized in the first quarter of 2014. As of today Microsoft will finance the activities of Nokia through 3 tranches of convertible bonds of 500 million euros each.

All of these activities represent a turnover of 14.9 billion euros. There will also be nearly 32,000 new employees for Microsoft, including 4,700 in Finland.

“This is an important step into the future – a profitable operation for employees, shareholders and consumers of both companies. Bringing these incredible teams together will accelerate Microsoft’s market share and earnings in phones, and enhance opportunities for Microsoft and its partners ”

Says Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft

For his part Stephen Elop leaves the presidency of Nokia and returns to Microsoft at the head of the equipment activity. He is replaced by Risto Siilasmaa, chairman of the Nokia management board. Finally, many analysts cite Stephen Elop as a potential successor to Steve Ballmer at the head of Microsoft. To be continued …