Microsoft on the verge of announcing a vast layoff plan (update)

by bold-lichterman

Update – 4.30 p.m .: Microsoft officially announced the elimination of 18,000 jobs within a year, including 12,500 relating to the Nokia subsidiary. A first tranche of 13,000 layoffs will occur in the next six months.

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Microsoft is preparing to reorganize its activities with Nokia, and this should involve layoffs. The Redmond firm could lay off up to 1,000 people in Finland, according to the American press, out of the 4,700 employees of its Nokia subsidiary in the country.

Last April, Microsoft bought Nokia for 5.44 billion euros. An operation that boosted the workforce of the American firm to 127,000 people, much more than Apple and Google. It must now integrate the 30,000 employees of the manufacturer of mobile terminals in the group. At the time, she had already mentioned a savings plan of 600 million dollars.

Satya Nadella had spoken last week of significant changes. The workforce reductions should affect, in addition to Nokia, the engineering-development department and marketing according to Bloomberg. All in all, this new layoff plan should be the largest in Microsoft’s history. In 2009, 5,800 positions were cut.