Microsoft offers its 5th French start-up, Captain, and integrates their mobile analytics solution into Azure

by bold-lichterman

The American giant offers itself the French start-up Capptain, software publisher specializing in cross-platform behavioral marketing solutions for web and mobile applications. The software platform makes it possible to collect, in real time, mobile usage data and to deploy push strategies adapted to each customer segment. The amount has not been communicated at the moment.

The start-up co-founded under the original name Ubikod through Laurent Lathieyre, had benefited from a roundtable of $ 1.5 million in 2012, from the Russian Investment Fund Runa Capital, and based in Moscow. To the question: “Why go to seek funds in Russia and not in France”, the Frenchman then replied that he had been introduced to Russian VC’s once there, and did not hesitate to highlight the “Death Valley ”, referring to the gap existing between the seed and development capital towers in France.


The company has offices in Paris and Rennes, where the technical center is based. International, the company is present in San Francisco and Shanghai. The workforce is 12 employees. It has nearly 500 clients, including around fifty major accounts.

But for now, we are talking about Azure at Microsoft, as on the official blog of the American giant.

Capptain will bring a vital new element to our story for mobile application development – the real-time user and deep analytics. With the Capptain solution, businesses can analyze their customers and their behavior in real time, and respond by pushing targeted messages, announcements, information or offers. (Microsoft)

The Capptain platform indeed works thanks to a “marker” placed inside the mobile applications, and is able to track the behavior of mobile users. For the Business decision makers, it is a visibly effective decision support tool in their marketing campaign. And a strategic tool in the turn taken by Microsoft on mobile marketing and the cloud.

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Tellme Networks in 2007

Musiwave in 2007 (Mobile music entertainment)

ScreenTonic in 2007 (Advertising and marketing)

Ciao GmbH, formerly owned by Microsoft, sold to in 2012