Microsoft is playing big and spending 2 billion euros to buy Minecraft

by bold-lichterman

2.5 billion dollars (1.933 billion euros), this is the tidy sum that Microsoft undertakes to pay to take control of the Swedish video game studio Mojang, it is more than the valuation of the French Ubisoft ! Thus, the American firm offers itself the license of the game Minecraft, a game which would have recorded 100 million downloads on PC since its launch in 2009 and is the subject of numerous derivative products.

However, Markus Persson, who started the Mojang studio, indicated that he will not join the adventure at Microsoft and prefers to play solo, and continue “to program”. It is also the choice of the other Swedish founders, who declined an integration. Mojang, who confirmed the news has written on his blog: “Change is scary, and it’s a big change for all of us”.

A big change for Microsoft too? For such a large base of players, the two billion are clearly worth the candle. Especially for its media, such as the Xbox One. But Microsoft has made it known that XBox is not the preferred medium, and that Windows interfaces will be too.

Minecraft has just launched on PlayStation4

It must be said that in five years, the Minecraft game has sold more than 50 million copies, and that, although paying also on mobile (5.99 euros), the fans are more and more numerous. For Microsoft, the timing is rather well orchestrated: Minecraft has just been launched on the Xbox One of course, but also on the latest Sony consoles.

It will now be necessary to count on the sustainability of player communities, and in a context where the sale of Xbox One consoles, in Japan for example, shows very mixed results, only 23,562 copies sold during the first four days of marketing according to the media. Japanese Famitsu.

Staya Nadella, the new captain of the Redmond firm, very committed to a cloud strategy, may not have told all his secrets …