Microsoft continues to soar thanks to the cloud

by bold-lichterman

The Microsoft IT group is doing better than the market expected, with again strong growth in its “cloud” activities (remote computing service) in the first quarter of its staggered fiscal year. From July to September, the company raked in more than $ 33 billion in revenue, up 14% and over $ 1 billion than analysts average.

Its net profit is $ 10.7 billion (+ 21%), or earnings per share of $ 1.38, against $ 1.24 expected by the market. Its Office software and professional social network LinkedIn posted double-digit growth (13% for Office products for businesses and 25% for LinkedIn).

Azure records the strongest growth

Its flagship remote computing offering for businesses, Azure, recorded the strongest growth, 59% year on year. ” I attribute these results to the investments they made in the cloud, and their ability to meet the specific needs of multinationals ”, comments analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights and Strategy. However, this is a slight slowdown in growth: in the fourth quarter, this service jumped 64%.

In terms of video games, Microsoft has not recorded any growth over one year in its Xbox products. The latest generation of the console was indeed released almost 6 years ago, and its next version, unveiled in June, is only due for the holiday season next year. Microsoft’s share price was stable on electronic trading after the stock market closed.