Micro Focus spends 540 million dollars to buy American Serena Software

by bold-lichterman

British software publisher Micro Focus has just announced that it will acquire the American group Serena Software, specialist in enterprise software, for 540 million dollars (approximately 481 million euros). The operation should be completed during the month of May.

Customers in the industry

Based in San Mateo, California, Serena Software, which develops application lifecycle management solutions, claims more than 2,500 enterprise customers in its portfolio of more than 1 million users. The company, which has more than 400 employees, has clients in the defense and aerospace sectors (BAE Systems, ESA, etc.), in banking (BBVA, Citigroup, etc.) or even the automotive, telecoms and entertainment (MGM…).

Valued on the stock market for more than $ 3.27 billion, Micro Focus has for its part generated $ 834.5 million in 2015 revenue – of which $ 261 million came from licenses, and $ 440 million from maintenance – for a pre-tax profit of $ 91.4 million.

External growth operations

With this new acquisition, Micro Focus hopes to move to another scale of its development. “Today’s announcement marks another milestone for Micro Focus, bringing together two sets of complementary solutions that allow customers to build better applications (…),” said Stephen Murdoch, CEO of Micro Focus.

This is not the first time that Micro Focus has made an acquisition. In 2014, the British group spent $ 1.2 billion to afford Attachmate Group, another American player in business software.

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