Michel Paulin at SFR, back to the future?

by bold-lichterman

The leader of the new management team of the operator SFR is about to be known. It would be according to the newspaper The echoes, by Michel Paulin, the current CEO of Meditel. Michel Paulin is an old telecom driver. Trained at Polytechnique, like Michel Combes, the current chairman of the board of directors and interim CEO of SFR-Numéricable, Michel Paulin, will have to bring the operator into a new era, with his methods acquired in his career in telecoms . Revenue which will erase the million subscribers lost last year by the second operator in France.

Two elements work in favor of his appointment. First, Michel Paulin, who has headed Meditel since 2013, the Moroccan operator, a 49% -owned subsidiary of the Orange group, is showing good results. In two years, the operator has become the second in its market with 14.5 million subscribers (against 5 million in 2007), notably by developing new services (mobile payment, online store, e-commerce, 4G) . Beyond the Mediterranean, the one who started his career within the France Telecom Group, imposes his recipes. On the African continent, it is recognized for having known how to put in place “more aggressive and simpler offers”, as the story goes. Young Africa.

In the pioneer clan

Then, Michel Paulin is far from being unknown to the battalion. He is already almost part of the SFR “clan”. After France Telecom and experiences at Bull (in charge of network administration and security software activities), and at Mc Kinsey, Michel Paulin returns to his passion for telecoms. He joined Neuf Cegetel in 1999, where he spent nine years as Chief Executive Officer and Director. He will play a decisive role in the merger with SFR, following the latter’s takeover bid for its subsidiary in 2008, the year in which the sector was concentrated. He then weaves a close relationship with the future president of SFR, Michel Combes, whose relationship is that of the “room mate” (the roommate) while they meet in the United States, as told Le Figaro.

After the SFR-Cegetel episode, the press then saw him become an “entrepreneur”. But he will take the post of COO of Louis Dreyfus Commodities, the agricultural commodities trading group based in Switzerland. He then emigrated to Morocco and Casablanca to lead Meditel. Just before his probable appointment to SFR in 2016, he will lead a record fundraising of $ 324 million for Meditel, via a consortium of banks, to finance the modernization of its network.

At SFR, Michel Paulin will bring the methods learned at France Telecom, Neuf Cegetel and Meditel to work on customer satisfaction, which is declining at SFR, and on strengthening the “SFR community”, as explained to Frenchweb Benjamin Cornic. The future CEO will also have to consolidate the encouraging results of Zive, his VoD service.

Michel Paulin must be the architect of “a new stage within the management“, still confided toEchoesMichel Combes. If the appointment is confirmed, he will go from a group of more than 1,100 employees at Meditel, to more than 10,500 employees at SFR, since the acquisition of Numéricable by Altice. Under his governance, the workforce at Meditel has remained stable.

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