Medical appointments: DocPlanner raises $ 20 million and merges with Doctoralia

by bold-lichterman

DocPlanner, online booking platform for medical appointments, has just completed a round of funding of 20 million dollars (17.6 million euros) in series C led by Target Global, according to information reported by TechCrunch. This new operation brings the total amount raised by the company since its creation to 34 million dollars (29.9 million euros). At the same time, the Polish start-up announced its merger with the Spanish Doctoralia.

Founded by Mariusz Gralewski, DocPlanner allows Internet users to make medical appointments online. According to figures released by the company, the platform is available in 25 countries around the world and claims more than 8 million users each month. Nearly 1.5 million doctor profiles are also listed by the Polish start-up.

DocPlanner and Doctoralia facing Doctolib in France

By merging with Doctoralia, its Spanish counterpart, DocPlanner strengthens internationally. In fact, Doctoralia claims to have operations in 20 countries, notably in Europe, Asia (India), North America and Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru). However, the two companies are not the only ones in the online healthcare market.

In France, Doctolib has been booming since its launch in 2013. The French start-up claims no less than 4 million patients per month and 10,000 doctors using its platform. In line with this dynamic, Doctolib is now seeking to expand internationally, particularly in Germany. To finance this expansion, the start-up completed a funding round of 18 million euros last October. At the time, Stanislas Niox-Chateau, co-founder of Doctolib, aimed to launch in 6 countries in the space of 18 months.

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