Médiamétrie: the mobile internet audience in January 2013

by bold-lichterman

Médiamétrie published last Friday the results of its NetRating study on the audience of mobile internet in France in January with in particular the ranking of the 20 sites most consulted by mobile users.

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The study tells us that in France, more than 90% of mobile users consulted at least one site via their mobile in January, while more than 75% have used at least one application. In one year, mobile users have shown themselves to be more and more active by consulting on average 31.3 sites in January 2013 against 25.8 a year earlier and 5.4 applications against 4.4 in January 2012.

In January, the French focused more on their home, Mediametry noting that 42% of mobile users connected to the Internet from home and 30% consulted websites in the Home, Fashion and Kitchen categories.

Note the presence at the top of the Top20 mobile Internet sites of the traditional triptych Google, Facebook, Youtube, with 16.3M, 15.7M and 11.4M respectively of VU in January.

At the foot of the podium, Apple (8.2M VU) nevertheless places iTunes at the top of the ranking of mobile applications with 8.9M VU. Youtube and Google complete the Top3. Finally, we will remember the 19th place of the Instagram application which attracted 1.2M VU in January.

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