Médiamétrie launches a new measure on tablet usage in France

by bold-lichterman

Médiamétrie will publish the results of its first survey on the uses of iPads in France, valid for the first quarter of 2012.

Mediametrie launches a new measure on tablet usage in FranceThe new measure will provide information on the sites and applications consulted, the viewing of videos in the applications, the times and frequency of use of the iPad, the modes of access to content (site and / or application) or even on the profile of “tablonauts”, a field already studied during a morning of reflection organized by the Geste.

Called Panel Tablets, the new measure will be based on a panel of 1,000 main iPad users, aged 15 and over and representative of this population. As with fixed and mobile Internet, the survey will focus on publishing usage indicators such as unique visitors, page views and time spent for sites, or the number of sessions for applications. This new measurement will thus make it possible to compare practices of tablonauts to those of Internet and mobile users.

In addition to the automatic measurement, the study will also offer the results of ad hoc questionnaires submitted to an audience of early adopters of the iPad, with the menu: testing of new applications, testing of sites on iPad before their launch, testing advertising formats, or even identification of other screens used simultaneously with the iPad, knowledge of media, non-media or cultural habits of tablonauts, and analysis of newsstand purchases in kiosks compared to viewing on iPad.