Médiamétrie-eStat launches eStat’Cibles, a new measurement of web content and audio / video flows

by bold-lichterman

Médiamétrie-eStat This morning just unveiled its new eStat’Cibles service intended for Internet site editors. users will have profile results for each page or url, each audio and video stream from their site on criteria of gender, age and activity.

A new way of comparing the profile of readers of specific content with that of all of the site’s users and more broadly that of the Internet population. eStat’Cibles therefore makes it possible to qualify its audience much more precisely than its famous monthly measurement. Mediametrie eStat launches eStatCibles a new measurement of web content andThe methodology developed is based on the reconciliation of attendance results recorded by Médiamétrie-eStat with the profile of Internet users from the Mediametrie // NetRatings panel.

Benoît Cassaigne, Executive Director of audience measurements at Médiamétrie: “EStat’Cibles constitutes a decisive innovation in web analytics, resulting from the merger of the two Internet measurements of Médiamétrie. This is the first illustration of our research and development plan launched 2 years ago in the field of hybrid measurement ”.

eStat’Cibles will first be available to Médiamétrie-eStat customers in July and August before it goes on sale in September.