Médiamétrie: entertainment at the top of mobile use in February

by bold-lichterman

Médiamétrie is today publishing the results of its NetRatings study on the mobile internet audience in France in February, with in particular the ranking of the 20 sites most consulted by mobile users.

The study tells us that the ratio between sites and applications in relation to mobile internet access remains stable compared to January, with 92.2% of mobile users having visited at least one mobile site and 77.7% in minus one app. In February, French mobile users consulted an average of 5.3 applications (compared to 5.4 in January) and 31.5 mobile sites (31.3 in January).


Mediametry notes the playful use that respondents have of their mobile: 88.5% of them, i.e. 19.1M mobile users connected to at least one application or mobile site in the category ” Entertainment Which includes viewing videos, TV, radios, music and games. On this last point, we can note the distinction made between online games, used by 42% of mobile users, and contests used by 7.6% of them.

Regarding the Top20 of the most visited sites, we do not notice any major upheaval compared to January 2013 with a podium still occupied by Google, Facebook and Youtube.

Distanced by iTunes last month, Youtube returned to the top of the application ranking in February with 8.7M VU (+700,000) while the Apple subsidiary is content with 2nd place with 8.5M VU (-410 000).


Photo credit: Shutterstock, millions of photos, illustrations, vectors and videos