Matt Cutts, Google’s “SEO Mister”, Details His Plans Against Abusive SEO

by bold-lichterman

Matt Cutts, in charge of R&D at Google, returns in a video posted on Youtube on the next actions of the Mountain View firm in terms of SEO, in particular abusive SEO. Dressed in a Firefox t-shirt, he gives some ideas for improving the ranking of Google’s search engine and fighting against “Black Hat” and other spammers using automation techniques to be referenced.

He thus evokes:

  • An update to Penguin, the latest version of PageRank already rumored to fight spamdexing, which will launch in the coming weeks.
  • The strengthening of measures against the use of advertising content by sites wishing to increase their “link profile” as well as the strengthening of the controls carried out on certain requests particularly exposed to spam.
  • A fight more “upstream” against abusive referencing by attacking, according to the specialized site, directly to link sales platforms.
  • The start of the development of new, more “sophisticated” link analysis software and indexing of potentially pirated sites.

Matt Cutts also talks about a softening of the impact of the Panda update to PageRank, which aims to exclude sites deemed “poor” in content from the first pages of results. Finally, he mentions the work done by Google to limit the display of content from the same site on the first page of results and to improve dialogue with webmasters.

Photo credit: Shutterstock, millions of photos, illustrations, vectors and videos