Mathilde le Rouzic, between resilience and opportunism

by bold-lichterman

She could have become your attending physician, she eventually became an entrepreneur in the e-health sector. At 42, Mathilde le Rouzic has lived several lives and has three start-ups to her credit. The latest, Hellocare, makes it possible to request a doctor online in order to instantly receive a medical opinion by video.

But before arriving at the creation of the latter company, Mathilde le Rouzic had a journey rich in twists and turns. As Xavier Niel said at the beginning of the month in the columns of Parisian, entrepreneurs are “that the accumulation of their failures“. Because entrepreneurship does not always rhyme with rhinestones and sequins, but rather and above all with self-sacrifice, resilience and agility.

From medicine to Apple

Scientific baccalaureate in hand, Mathilde le Rouzic began to forge her agile character by studying medicine, law, political science and religions in turn. At the end of her studies, this admirer of Mick Jagger organizes electro evenings, which allows her to quickly build a substantial address book in the music industry.

A friend at Apple opens the doors of the Apple brand to him. Mathilde le Rouzic joined Apple in 2000 and stayed there for several months. However, the vastness of the American structure does not correspond to its ideal. “I don’t really like being a small part of the machine. What I like is to have a global vision», She concedes.

“I want my children to tell themselves that anything is possible”

The birth of her daughter triggers her desire to undertake. In 2004, she created the online gift shop Bagatelles. The entrepreneurial virus will never leave her. She will then launch Quaelead, a company specializing in vertical search engines, in 2009 and therefore Hellocare in e-health last year. “What motivates me is to be outside my comfort zone», Specifies Mathilde le Rouzic. Luckily, the life of an entrepreneur is anything but comfortable.

She will learn it the hard way during her experience at Quaelead, where she will be faced with the nightmare of any business leader: dismissing part of his team because of cash flow problems. “It was a complicated moment, people don’t necessarily understand… But it led me to react according to a difficult situation. It is important to develop your ability to absorb shocks, it is a survival instinct. I want my children to tell themselves that anything is possible», She explains.

Her grandmother, her husband, her sister and Jean-Yves Robin, sources of inspiration

This inner resistance to the vagaries of life, Mathilde le Rouzic drew it on her grandmother, who made her want to remain independent, and her husband, Nicolas, also an entrepreneur. The disappearance of her sister, five years ago, was also a pivotal moment in her life as it changed her overall approach. “It reinforced my desire to change something in people’s daily lives. Hellocare goes totally in this direction», She explains. It is also in this resilience in the face of events that the entrepreneur has acquired a fundamentally optimistic temperament.

When she started out in professional life, Mathilde le Rouzic drew her inspiration from Jean-Yves Robin, who put together the shared medical file in France (DMP), during her time at Uni-Médecine from 2001 to 2004. “It is his box that I left when I created my first company (Editor’s note: Bagatelles). He even helped me ride it!», Confides Mathilde le Rouzic.

The French entrepreneur also has a certain admiration for Jean-Charles Samuelian, who created Alan, a digital complementary health insurance, Steve Jobs, for his sense of communication and his relationship to design, and Elon Musk, “even if it scares me a little», She slips, a smile at the corner of the lips.

How to reconcile family life and professional projects?

Despite her professional projects, Mathilde le Rouzic does not forget her family. And for good reason, before being an entrepreneur, she is the mother of two children. “There is great porosity between professional and personal life, a balance must be found», She notes. And to add: “It is difficult in the couple, it is necessary that the spouse understands that to undertake requires a physical and intellectual commitment.With her children, Mathilde le Rouzic also learned to find the right balance. Leaving her entrepreneurial cap to put on her parenting costume, she relies on communication to make them understand her commitments. “I prioritize above all the quality of the moments with my children», She explains.

Apart from her family life and her professional projects, Mathilde le Rouzic tries to keep some “air bubbles»To recharge the batteries. Residing in the South of France, in Sanary-sur-Mer, she is therefore a fan of surfing. “I am very aquatic», She concedes. Far from the hustle and bustle of Parisian Tech, the entrepreneur does not regret living a few hundred kilometers from the capital and Station F. “Today’s Parisian environment does not suit me», Says the co-founder of Hellocare. However, because of her professional obligations, she does not cut ties with Paris and even makes at least three trips per month to reach the epicenter of French Tech.

If her current entrepreneurial adventure with Hellocare has led her to stay in France for the moment, Mathilde le Rouzic is tempted by an experience with her family abroad. She is especially attracted to Asia, especially Thailand, where she has already visited, and Vietnam, where she has some family ties. In addition, the entrepreneur does not express any opposition to the idea of ​​living in Cape Town, South Africa, not for the South African ecosystem… but rather for its surf spots. In her dreams, Mathilde le Rouzic thinks of going around the world by boat. After all, wasn’t life a succession of improvisations?

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