Mary Meeker unveils major internet trends 2016

by bold-lichterman

There are now more than 3 billion Internet users around the world. This is what emerges from the new report on Internet trends published every year since 2001 by Mary Meeker, Partner of the prestigious American investment fund. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Presented at the Code Conference, this “Bible of the Web” is eagerly awaited by the leaders of Silicon Valley. Among the highlights, India has supplanted the United States as the world’s second largest internet market, behind China. While the growth of Internet users remains stable at 9%, that of smartphone users has slowed considerably, from 31% last year to 21% today. As for the companies that dominate the Internet, the top three are Apple, Google (a subsidiary of Alphabet) and Amazon with respectively 547, 510 and 341 billion dollars.

The study devotes a large part to advertising, e-commerce, online messaging, image, video, China, which is therefore the world’s leading Internet market, and themes in the era of time. This is particularly the case with Uber Pool. Since its launch in August 2014, 100 million trips have been made with the service of the California platform, which allows two to share all or part of the race, according to the report by Mary Meeker.

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