[Marketing] Smartphone addicts: 176 million people worldwide (+ 123% in one year)

by bold-lichterman

Users who have become addicted to their smartphones have believed 123% over one year

Users who have become addicted to their smartphones are flying around the world. More precisely, their number has grown from 123% over one year, according to a study by Flurry, to reach 176 million people in the world last March, 79 million more than in 2013 at the same period. Essentially made up of teenagers, students and middle-aged parents, they open mobile apps at least 60 times a day.

graph1“What surprises the most is the over-indexation of the ‘middle-age’ segment with a margin that beats that of adolescents,” explains the company. “But when we analyze the people in that segment and their app usage, we came to the conclusion that these middle-aged consumers are probably part of a family and their devices are likely to be shared among multiple members of the family. the family, including their children, ”she adds.

In terms of addict profile, women are mostly mothers, gamers and sports fans while men are above all car enthusiasts, gamers and buyers.

But beyond these snags, all categories of users are progressing. Super-users – those who open applications between 16 and 60 times during the day – have increased by 55% over one year, to 440 million people, regular consumers remaining the first group with 784 million holders. But with much lower growth …


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