Marketing on Facebook: German start-up Facelift raises 15 million euros

by bold-lichterman

The investment fund believes that this transaction “kicks off the consolidation of this market”.

Specialized in publishing marketing solutions for professionals on Facebook, the German start-up Facelift has just raised 15 million euros from Corporate Finance Partners, a German investment fund that targets technology and Internet companies.. It intends to take advantage of this to accelerate its internet and external growth. “In the next 18 months, our objective is to strengthen our workforce to 150 employees, support international growth, and bring innovative products to the market with greater responsiveness. In the relevant sectors, we could possibly consider the acquisition of specialists ”explains Benjamin Schroeter, the CEO.

Founded in Hamburg, Germany, in 2011, the company has created several products, marketed in SaaS (like services, editor’s note), acting as an intermediary between brands and the social network in order to create, manage and evaluate campaigns. With 60 employees, it boasts a portfolio of more than 500 brands including Bayer, Deutsche Bahn, Telefonica and Philips. “With this investment, Facelift will be able to expand a business model which has proven itself ”according to Andreas Thümmler, Chairman of Corporate Finance Partners. “In doing so, Facelift also kicks off the consolidation of this market,” he believes.