[Marketing mobile] MS Innovations raises 1 million euros to expand in the Middle East

by bold-lichterman

MS Innovations, agency specializing in mobile marketing, has just announced a fundraising of 1M € from investors in the Middle East. This capital acquisition (25%) would thus value MS Innovations close to € 4 million. Thanks to this operation, the company intends to set course for the Middle East and Africa.

Marketing mobile MS Innovations raises 1 million euros to

Founded in May 2002 and based in Sophia-Antipolis, MS Innovations has gradually specialized in mobile marketing. In particular, the company offers the development of mobile applications, SMS platforms, QR code platforms as well as mobile sites and mobile dematerialization services. The company now has around ten employees.

Laurent Silva, CEO of MS Innovations: “This association will allow our structure to penetrate the Middle East market and the African market with new human and financial resources. Initially, we are opening two offices, respectively: MS Innovations Lebanon and MS Innovations Dubai. Our partners are real digital professionals and have real experience in the creation of subsidiaries abroad. Our goal is to promote our mobile technologies internationally, enhance our company and gain market share in the promising sectors of mobile dematerialization and mobile marketing. “

As a reminder, MS Innovation proceeded last January to a stake of nearly 30% in the company Publipizz, specialist in France in advertising on pizza boxes. The objective being to add, thanks to QR codes and its many marketing levers, a new mobile and local dimension to Publipizz.