[Made in Vancouver] Would Vancouver have its eyes on Asia and Latin America?

by bold-lichterman


Because western Canadian entrepreneurs, ultra dependent on US politics, would seek to organize themselves to establish new partnerships and co-build the Green Economy with Asian countries and Latin America.

On March 30, 2017, an event was held open to international professionals A New Pacific Nexus: Canada, Latin America and Asia. Co-organized by LatinCouver, a Latin American cultural association and the Canadian International Council, in charge of promoting international exchanges.

Here is a summary of the speeches:

The many speakers, clearly announced the collective intention, to encourage Canadian entrepreneurs and the city of Vancouver to position themselves to play an active role in accelerating development and exports to Asia and the United States. ‘Latin America.

As Canada’s third largest metropolis, Vancouver could establish itself as a marketplace of the international economy and would be a catalyst to activate the establishment of commercial partnerships and bring closer the Asian and South American markets.

How? ‘Or’ What?

Vancouver airport development strategy is to link Latin America to Asia. Since 2015, a dozen direct flights between Vancouver, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang and Kunming have been added and there are also direct lines with Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta and San José del Cabo.

Carlo Dade, Director of Canada West Foundation, during his speech proposed a renegotiation of NAFTA, he openly recommends not to wait for the positions of governments and suggests taking advantage of the opportunities offered by Asia and the ‘Latin America.

Democracy and Canada’s exemplarity to help countries free themselves from dictatorships. During the conference, the importance of building relationships that could promote the introduction of democracy and thus prepare the implementation of projects for sustainable economic development was also mentioned.

Canadians from Asia and Latin America will be involved in the collective effort to create links with their countries of origin, it is also a question of setting up new immigration programs.

The world is changing at high speed: Trump at the head of the USA, effective Brexit, the presidential elections in France which we also talk about on the Pacific coast, automation and the work environment, climate change, discussed at the Summit of Davos, the tensions with North Korea, one would hardly speak voluntarily any more about trading but of Green Economy and Vancouver seems to position itself clearly on this last point; file to follow, hoping that Canada will not forget the CETA which we are still awaiting news for its implementation.

In terms of opportunities for the digital world and French start-ups, Canada needs to innovate, develop new technologies, accelerate its digital transformation and therefore also needs input in gray matter.

National communications are expensive compared to what the French telecoms and Internet operators are offering today and we are impatiently waiting for Free to launch the marketing of its packages in Canada. The infrastructures and distances to be covered are as important as those of the USA with only 35 million inhabitants. Uncle Sam’s neighboring country must reduce its digital divide to improve internet accessibility. The divide observed between urban centers and rural and remote areas is even more marked in Canada’s North.

Getting around without a personal vehicle turns out to be complicated despite the presence of carsharing like Modo and domestic flights and are more expensive than international flights. If you are used to Easy Jet, there is no equivalent here. Companies therefore tend to cultivate business at the local level to limit travel and therefore to think local.

As Canada is a major producer of energy, it needs to find ways to store and distribute it.

Given these technological and human brakes, innovative French start-ups could take the advantage by providing Canadian companies and governments with solutions that facilitate collaborative project management (as Slack does), teleworking, management human flows, data analysis, modernization of digital infrastructure, training and education, distribution of clean energies, freight as is done by Freightera (a local start-up based in Vancouver and which uberizes the transport of goods), these are therefore all opportunities for frenchies who have the souls of explorers.

SARAEntrepreneur / Consultant / Life Hacker, Sara sebban has lived between Vancouver and Paris for 4 years. She works with start-ups developing their activities between France and North America. She is fascinated by the business culture of the New Continent and is particularly interested in collective intelligence, to set up multidisciplinary projects.

Since June 2016, Sara has been piloting network marketing Synkro Consulting which offers strategic and operational support solutions to business explorers.

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