[Made in Rennes] Frigo Magic, the Symphonic Pitch and Femmes de Bretagne …

by bold-lichterman

Frigoc MagicWhat is Frigo Magic?

Magic fridge is a free application for phone and tablet, iOS and Android, which answers the question: “What are we for dinner?”

The user sets the application for the first time or when returning from shopping. He indicates the ingredients he has “always”, “sometimes” or “never” in his refrigerators and cupboards. He then chooses a main ingredient to cook.

The application offers him recipes that can be made from what he still has. He can still adjust the recipe based on the ingredients he “sometimes” has. These are everyday recipes that can be produced in less than 30 minutes, including cooking. The recipes do not require scales and reduce food waste.

How did the idea for this project come about?

The idea came to us for an evening with friends in the center of Brittany. The aperitif lasted a little, it was then necessary to eat, but no service to be delivered. Christophe who was not at home, made us a divine meal with three times nothing. It seemed obvious to us that we had to share this talent.

What is the purpose of this app?

The application aims to play down the kitchen and give ideas to those who lack it. It is intended for people who want to eat well every day without wasting food.

Do you have partnerships with brands?

The application is free, we finance ourselves through product placement and the data we collect as we use it.

Several brands have already joined us:

Sojasun, Coraya, Vrai, Petit Billy, Curée Nantais, Chicken from Janzé, La Trinitaine …

Since when does Frigo Magic exist?

The application was launched on June 6, 2015 for the TedX Rennes. Since then 146,000 people have downloaded Frigo Magic. 25,000 people used it last month.

What is your background?

I am an engineer by training, my partner Christophe is a sommelier and a cook.

We are above all two serials entrepreneurs.

How much you’re ?

In addition to the two of us, we have:

  • Ninnog, who is in charge of all communication to the general public and partners.

  • Muriel who is in charge of business development.

The team is small but we would like to quickly hire a developer to support me, a video graphic designer and also a “data scientist” to process and present the information to our partners.

Do you have short term plans?

Our main project at the moment is our crowdfunding campaign on the platform Gwenneg :

We are looking to finance a small humorous video to promote Frigo Magic. In return for donations, we offer themed boxes with recipes, associated ingredients, a magic trick. Everything will be delivered in September to Brest, Quimper, Rennes and Paris. For the most generous there is also the possibility of bringing Christophe to work at home.