[Made in Rennes] Facetts, the start-up of the month, and the meetings in Brittany …

by bold-lichterman

How it all began ?

valere-fedronicValère Fédronic, CEO of Facetts a Social Messaging start-up: The first click came when I added my boss to my friends on my console to play an online game. I realized that he received a notification as soon as I played a game, could tell how long I had played and what time the game was over.

I split an email to support to ask how to hide my activity from certain contacts, they basically replied that if I wanted to hide something from a friend it is because I should not do that thing !

The second click occurred during business trips or I had to stay several weeks with collaborators abroad, we needed to communicate during these stays. Just leaving my phone number gave access to my whatsapp, snapchat and other profiles. Tools that I only used with close friends. So I had to do some cleaning.

Where did the idea come from?

I just needed a simple and modern way to be able to communicate with the people I met, a respectful and non-intrusive way. In life first we discuss and eventually we become friends later, and not the other way around. We therefore imagined a tool to create this communication link, we call it a Facett, a bit like another phone number that allows you to chat.

The application is very easy to install, no need for a password, phone number or email, the application never accesses the address book. But it’s much more, I can also associate a profile with a “Facett” with the necessary information and share tailor-made news with my contacts. I now have my ‘gamer’ facett to chat freely with my playmates without impacting my other online activities.

Facetts allows you to regain control over your digital footprint, without restricting your ability to create new encounters and, best of all, the application is beautiful, free and fun. The profiles are animated like the Harry Potter paintings. You can communicate via video capsules, create groups, play, start lives. Some applications offer you to send ephemeral messages, with Facett you can even make ephemeral identities. This is very useful for chatting with people you meet at events or for posting announcements online.

How much you’re?

There are currently three of us, we are looking to recruit a Marketing profile and expand the team to six people during 2016.

What is your background?

I am a computer engineer by training, expert in mobile, I have evolved into international project management, I have been an evangelizer, architect, pre-sales. I am a child of mobile and startups, I have been working in this environment since the start of my career. I worked for almost 10 years with my partner Elouan Le Coq (CTO), within the start-up Streamezzo, a spin-off from Orange labs in 2002 and acquired in 2010 by Amdocs.

Do you have financial news?

We are currently working on completing a first seed round in order to deploy and develop our service. We are looking to get other Business Angels on board in this great adventure that we are in the process of building.

You were in the MV Cube but weren’t elected, or are you now?

We created the start-up Facetts in August 2015, integrated the Telecom Bretagne incubator, and developed a first version of the application available on the Android and Apple stores (facetts.me/get). We won first prize at WebInLorient 2015, won audience vote at MVCube. We are very happy for Hemera who will integrate the MVCube incubator, for our part we will now join the totem building of French Tech Rennes Saint-Malo. For the record, this integration takes on a very special character for me, because it is my grandfather, Louis Arretche who is the architect of this building.

We are currently working to improve our first version of the application and to bring together a first community of involved users who can help us build the best possible product.

Twitter: @facettscom