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From the presentation of the startup of the month Fider, Badjoto, … instead ACT IN SPACE 2018 through the selection of events and meetings in the Basque Country with Thomas Perron.


The application ecosystem is particularly active at the beginning of 2018. Presentation of a selection – not exhaustive – of teams based in the Basque Country in great shape who have released, are releasing or will release their first app this year. Talents and features to discover and try without moderation. We count on you !


The good addresses of your friends always with you and when you need them.

WHY? False advice, fear of making a mistake, lack of knowledge… There are many difficulties in finding a good professional, while our friends often know the rare pearl. Fider disseminates searches for professionals in your network and pools our good addresses in a private collaborative directory, for all daily needs. Finding a pro right away has never been easier.

NEWS? Tested for several months in a version limited to the collaborative directory, the Fider application is now available in a full version.

We will then provide professionals with an offer that allows them to measure and reward acts of recommendation through the distribution of coupons.

ACTION! Share and discover good addresses with your friends. With Fider you will no longer be looking for a pro at random. Download: fider.app.link/in


Made in Pays Basque The Bask Apps 2018 Act In


Earn money by sharing your usual trips effortlessly.

WHY? Carpool by alternating trips with your colleagues or neighbors offers few options! Badjoto finds you passengers on your real routes at your schedules without writing announcements.

Badjoto enables a network to be run for sustainable mobility.

NEWS? The application is available for download, badges are currently being distributed in batches for experiments. Release early September 2018

Download Badjoto from Android and iOS stores and join the network now.

ACTION! If you are an elected official, a manager of a company or an administration and you want to promote carpooling: contact us now, we will help you launch the initiative in your area.

Made in Pays Basque The Bask Apps 2018 Act In



WEESURF – Arthur Berteloot, Maxime Laine, Ronan Baudet.

The free app that provides you with high accuracy surf weather all over the world.

WHY? The observation was that all the existing tools did not offer an experience and a facilitating reading of marine forecasts. We have the will to make all the riders on the planet slide.

NEWS? We are at our 2nd fundraising, 45,000 downloads, we are testing our various business models, we are preparing the release of a new version with new major features, and an release for the Android system.

ACTION! Test it out and give us your feedback (what you understand, what you don’t understand, what you would like to have for other versions) and talk about weesurfing around you!

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/weesurf/id1004656394?mt=8


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TY HAPPY – Patrick Larhantec

Ty Happy is a free application that uses geolocation to connect individuals with repair needs and local skilled craftsmen.

WHY? To respond to the black spot represented by “DEPANNAGE” and its two audiences:

  • individuals because it is necessary to find an available craftsman who can intervene quickly,
  • craftsmen because of the structural organization that results from the instantaneity of demand.

NEWS? Ty Happy is available as a free download from Google Play and Apple Store.

At the same time, we have just finalized the testing phase of a Premium version, Ty Happy Pro, intended only for craftsmen who will be able to manage all of their repairs. Quotation, invoice, equipment order, intervention report… everything can be done in real time, also with online payment to limit customer outstandings. The app, with a free trial version, is also available for download on the Google Play and Apple Store platforms.

ACTION! Create your profile, enter the details of your own network of craftsmen if you have any, encourage them to do the same and benefit from the serenity bonus the day it is necessary to manage the water heater failure!


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Move Your Buddy is the 1st platform that brings together communities of companies, schools, associations, friends around their passions by facilitating the organization, offering animation, rewarding activity.

WHY? Guillaume found it difficult to bring his friends together to play sports, he quickly realized that if he was not the only one in this case, this problem could also concern all types of communities and activities, the concept was born.

NEWS? We started the project in 2016 with a large part of R&D and 6 months ago, our product being ready, we launched it on the market. In growth, we are now in the process of completing an initial fundraising.

ACTION! Create your Happy Community on moveyourbuddy.io

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Dans L’ESPACE… with “ACT IN SPACE 2018”, May 25 and 26 at Technocité Bayonne

A national / international event organized by the Center National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) and the European Space Agency (ESA)Creators’ parade on Wednesday May 30 at EISTI – Campus Pau

1605301605 536 Made in Pays Basque The Bask Apps 2018 Act In

  • 3 ′ to convince! 18 young innovative companies from Helioparc incubators and nurseries present in the form of a pitch their activities, their innovations and their development prospects
  • What have they become ? 3 former creators testify to their early years and focus on their development
  • Dominique Mockly, Chairman and CEO of Teréga Group, will close the ceremony
  • Cocktail
  • Registration here


The Conf ‘not to be missed

In the continuity of the Social Selling Forum event less than 3 weeks ago with nearly 300 participants at CCI Bayonne, a trilogy of conferences very focused on digital marketing in B2B, even if the concepts that will be discussed perfectly match also in B2C, are offered by Frédéric Pérès:

  • INBOUND MARKETING opened this trilogy on May 22 with the aim of… explaining to you why and how to mature your prospects to better convert them.
  • MARKETING AUTOMATION has become more democratic within the framework of Inbound strategies. In short: automatically send the right message to the right prospect at the right time, a guarantee of the effectiveness of the proposal conveyed by this message. Second conference of this trilogy, June 05. We will have the chance to benefit from the expertise of Sophie Panot from the WEBMECANIK team, automation specialists based in Annecy.
  • Last chapter of this trilogy, EMPLOYEE ADVOCACY… Read the detailed description of this conference carefully and you will probably begin to understand why your employees can become the best ambassadors of your company in social media to your prospects and customers. Last part of the Digital and B2B trilogy on June 12, CCI BAYONNE. Frédéric Pérès, Thomas Perron (in the flesh), Eliott Siegler (live from Paris) will clear up your probable first steps in “employee advocacy”.



The Positive Action Forum is a seminar that favors quality over quantity with a selection of inspiring founders / leaders. The goal is to select talented and passionate people who can embody and transmit part of their experience during the Forum.

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June 12 and 13 in Olatu Leku (Anglet), limited to 100 places with 100% inspiring leaders:


From Iparralde with love

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Thomas Perron is a French entrepreneur in the field of new information technologies. He likes to provoke the meeting between creators and their public, whether during events, sales and negotiations or improvisation shows. Partner of “The Message Company” and active member of the Mouvement des Entrepreneurs Social (MOUVES), it helps organizations achieve greater economic and societal efficiency.