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From the presentation of the start-up of the month Message In A Window, instead of On Rewind, via Google conferences or on the GDPR, selection of events and meetings in the Basque Country with Thomas Perron.

Start up of the month:

Message In A Window

Thomas Perron, correspondent FrenchWeb: Hello Vincent, who are you? can you introduce us to Message In A Window?

Vincent Clabé-Navarre, founder of the Message In A Window startup: Hello Thomas, I am Vincent Clabé-Navarre, the founder of the Message In A Window startup, the 1st platform for organizing a communication campaign in shop windows, hotels and restaurants in France.

We see many articles and events that talk about the crisis in local commerce and the death of city centers. How does your Startup bring an innovative solution to traders?

At a time when e-commerce and large peri-urban shopping centers are bursting local merchants and drying up the activity of city centers, Message In A Window is a real opportunity for them to generate additional and relevant income. In the context of the city center revitalization plan announced by the government for an amount of 5 billion euros, Message In A Window proves that new economic opportunities can still open up to traders.

By registering on our platform, merchants create a listing for their business that will allow them to be offered to advertisers. Everything is done online, with just a few clicks for advertisers and marketers.

For advertisers, Message In A Window provides access to thousands of qualified businesses throughout France, filtering them according to their selection criteria and then reserving these windows. Our startup then takes care of the production, installation and removal of the window dressing. We also offer brands audience measurement (pedestrian traffic passed in front of the windows of the campaign) as well as feedback of key information from traders (sell-our carried out during the campaign, level of satisfaction, etc.). In short, everything is done to make life easier for advertisers and make their campaign as efficient as possible.

A booming start to the year and good news related to your 2017 activity?

Yes full!

– In 2017, we donated € 220,000 before tax to merchants who hosted one or more of our campaigns in their window (s)

– The top 10 traders with whom we work the most received more than € 3,700 excl. Tax in 2017.

– We launched a new version of our platform in September 2017 which now allows advertisers to book and manage their entire campaign on our platform, in a few clicks.

– And a little wink: we have also just opened an office at Station F in Paris, the largest startup incubator in the world! Our teams are therefore now spread over Biarritz and Paris… and we are recruiting !!!

Made in Pays Basque Message In A Window On Rewind

What is your roadmap for 2018?

We plan to broaden our campaigns, which are now very focused on wines, champagnes and spirits, to other universes (cosmetics, telephony, perfumes, optics, etc.). We have just integrated the 500 screens of Nicolas stores into our offer. This opens up new fields of possibility for advertisers! We will also offer particularly desirable concept stores in our showcase catalog….

We don’t tell you too much. A startup’s projects are evolving rapidly so follow our news in 2018 carefully because things will change… and quickly!

Station F: conference (followed by a cocktail) on the theme of customer reviews, in our new premises at Station F on April 12 evening.

Place of the month:

On your screens with On Rewind

Romain Violleau and Rémi Chasles, co-founders of the company On Rewind created in 2015.

Made in Pays Basque Message In A Window On Rewind

In one sentence pitch to me ON REWIND?

Romain Violleau, Co-founder & CEO: On Rewind is an interactive video solution specializing in sports broadcasting on the internet. This solution meets the expectations of TV channels, federations, leagues, organizers and sports clubs, looking for simple and effective tools to increase, qualify and retain their audience during online broadcasts. We offer an exclusive user experience to enhance their content, boost fan engagement, monetization and the virality of their videos!

What sporting events or leagues are already using this player?

The French Football Federation has been using our complete video solution for 2 seasons (gamification, video clipping, etc.) for the broadcasting of National Championship but also our distribution solution specific to social networks for its amateur championships. Other references, the Top14, the Pro Handball League, the French American Football Federation, SFR and Monster energy among others, for a total of more than fifty different disciplines broadcast, such as skiing, horse riding, karting, surfing, beach soccer, cycling or even skateboarding.

2018 is an important year for On Rewind. You are now part of Euro Media Group and its subsidiary Netco Spotrts. You look particularly happy. Can you tell us more?

Indeed, we are proud to be able to announce the acquisition of the company On Rewind by Euro Media Group and its subsidiary Netco Sports! Very well established in sport, with prestigious clients such as the FIFA World Cup, the Olympic Games, UEFA and the Tour de France, they will allow us to solidify our position in the sports broadcasting market on the internet and offer to our customers a complete offer from capture to broadcast.

We would also like to thank all the people and organizations who have helped us since our beginnings: our investor GMZ & Son’s, the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, the BPI, Réseau Entreprendre, the Agence de Développement et d’Innovation de la Nouvelle Aquitaine. , ESTIA, the Digital Nursery of Malestroit and its founder Christian Guillemot (co-founder of Ubisoft) and of course our employees, without whom nothing would have been possible.

1605323126 665 Made in Pays Basque Message In A Window On Rewind

What can we wish you?

Continue to develop an ever more efficient and disruptive product in sports broadcasting and implement our technology at the highest level of sports broadcasting. Our mission remains the same, to change the way content is distributed, consumed and monetized by offering a win / win video solution for all players: the sport discipline, the broadcaster, partners and fans.

The agenda of the month:

  • 4th edition of Bask’Invest

Thursday March 22, 2018 – 1:30 p.m. – Technocité Innovation Center Bayonne

Co-organized by ESTIA Entrepreneurship, the CCI Bayonne Pays-Basque and EY (Ernst & Young) this day will be an opportunity to present around a hundred companies or projects to regional and national investors.

– 100 start-ups and project leaders

– 1 Pitch competition




Tuesday April 3, 2018 – 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

CCI Bayonne Basque Country

  • Conference “GOOGLE, a story of links”

Frédéric Pérès, CCI Bayonne and Alan CLADX, SEO expert, will take care of guiding you through the problem of links whether they are external (Google’s expectations, spam, link creation strategies, linkbaiting, monitoring tools, etc.), or internal (linking, transfer of “Juice”, role of breadcrumbs, siloing, semantic cocoon…).

Tuesday April 10, 2018 – 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

CCI Bayonne Basque Country

  • Conference:Apple-converted-space “> Goal : identify the input keys into this tool to feed your microphones or macros decisions to optimize your web presence.

    Thursday April 12, 2018 – 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

    CCI Bayonne Basque Country

    • Conference: “RGPD, the General Data Protection Regulation: Understand it to apply it!” “

    Master Sophie Lalande, lawyer at the Bar of Bayonne will guide you in the necessary respect of this new regulation, and Mr. Olivier Houlet, integrator of GRC solution in business, recently certified by Bureau Veritas as DPO and GDPR expert will advise you on the compliance action plan to be implemented in your company.

    This will be the occasion to understand this new regulation and to learn how to apply it within your company.


    Thomas Perron is a French entrepreneur in the field of new information technologies. He likes to provoke the meeting between creators and their public, whether during events, sales and negotiations or improvisation shows. Partner of “The Message Company” and active member of the Mouvement des Entrepreneurs Social (MOUVES), it helps organizations achieve greater economic and societal efficiency.