[Made in océan Indien] Where is innovation at Reunion Island?

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The innovation mapping, established since 2018 by the Technopole La Réunion, confronts us with an indisputable observation: there are many players who support innovation on the island! The various actions that are being developed bear witness to this, and that’s good for the region! However, it would be necessary to ensure a certain complementarity between the actions and especially to succeed in working in coherence rather than in superposition. So now is the time for federation …

What is the Technopole La Réunion innovation mapping for?

This mapping makes it possible to point out more effectively these companies which form the ecosystem of innovation in Réunion. He divides them into four main categories:

  • Companies dedicated to training (University of Reunion, Epitech, Simplon, Webcup Campus, etc.)
  • Those specializing in accompaniment and support (RITA Réunion, CIRBAT, Réunion Portage, etc.)
  • Those specializing in networking (FrenchTech La Réunion, BNI, Girls in Tech, etc.)
  • Those dedicated to financing (BPI France, France Active, Nexa, Pôle Emploi, etc.)

This latest update of the innovation mapping can be viewed and downloaded on the website of Technopole La Réunion.

The start-up and innovation ecosystem in Réunion

The last few years have enabled Reunion to develop an innovative and dynamic ecosystem: the bet has been successful, the country abounds. Technopole La Réunion supports and transforms projects into companies that create jobs as the description of its business expertise explains:

  • Construction and animation of ecosystems dedicated to innovation: technology parks
  • Cross-fertilization: development of collaborations between Companies, Research and Training, in connection with local authorities
  • Stimulation and detection of innovative projects, personalized support for their transformation into innovative companies. Among the beneficiaries is Wello. Incubated by the Technopole and supported by Orange Réunion, Wello is today a full-fledged company.

Reunion Island Technopole association

Since 2001, the Technopole de Reunion responds to a strong desire to make Innovation a tool for regional development, by boosting the creation of companies in Reunion Island and enhancing its attractiveness. For this, the Technopole was enriched in 2002 by the Regional Incubator of Reunion, a system of reception and support of the initiators of projects of creation of innovative companies promoting the results of research and approved by the Ministry of the research.

Support innovative projects and companies

Technopole La Réunion is aimed more specifically at three categories of profiles:

  • Researchers in a laboratory with an innovative business creation project in their specialty
  • Employees with an innovative business creation project in accordance with their business
  • Those who personally carry an innovative project (requesting the support or not of a public laboratory-type research structure) in order to create a business.

Its 3 main missions:

Personalized support for innovative project leaders and help with business creation, in particular through the Reunion Island Regional Incubator.

Animation by networking actors from Research, Higher Education and Business.

Promotion of technological and innovative Reunion Island by promoting Reunionese know-how.

Technology parks in the north and south of Réunion

The Technopole has 2 technological parks, Technor and Techsud. A technology park in the east, called Technoest, is also being developed with local authorities. These parks bring together 98 companies and design offices, 15 laboratories and research organizations, 9 public training organizations, 2,100 students, 2,000 jobs outside the university. In addition, the Regional Incubator of Reunion, implemented by the Technopole of Reunion since 2002, supports the promoters of innovative projects in a personalized way.

85% of companies still in operation and 210 jobs generated

In total, out of around 30 projects evaluated each year, 83 projects have been incubated since 2003, all from various backgrounds: 29 in the ICT sector, 21 in connection with the environment, 17 in the agri-food sector, 13 in health and biotechnologies and 3 in new sectors (Tourism and local services, Sustainable construction, aeronautics, blue growth). These numerous projects are the result of an investment of more than 3.7 million euros implemented to support the creation of innovative businesses. Of these 83 projects, 71 have already emerged from incubation and 51 companies have been created. Today 85% are still active and more than 210 direct and indirect jobs have been generated.

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