[Made in Océan Indien] To discover on Kickstart, Easy Control, platform for intelligent automation systems

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Simplifying the creation and management of intelligent automated systems is the challenge that Youssouf Kassamaly, from Reunion Island, has taken on, engineer and designer, specialist in energy and connected objects. Today it presents Easy Control, the world’s first universal platform for intelligent automation systems. Available live on the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, Easy Control can be pre-ordered by early adopters.

Made in Ocean Indien To discover on Kickstart Easy Control

Youssouf Kassamaly, founder and creator of Easy Control explains …

Easy Control allows everyone to design, create their own automated system and control it over the Internet, anytime, anywhere. It is a plug-and-play solution for many devices that includes a graphical interface for your programs as well as a planning and data visualization tool. If you know how to describe your idea or need, do it with Easy Control.

Easy Control is the link between the world of electricity and the Internet. It is a complete solution for the design of powerful and personalized automated systems. Easy Control is designed to be universal, powerful, open, easy to use and affordable. We want to bring you the best of the DIY industry and world.

Take, for example, SMEs in developing countries. The technicians in charge of electromechanical systems know perfectly how to develop the business. This involves in particular the construction or improvement of automated systems. The problem is, they rarely have access to affordable computer scientists, let alone electronics engineers. This is in fact a fairly common situation that we observe, including in large industrial groups. If we can make Easy Control available to everyone, we will see a real technological revolution around the world.

From concept to reality

The plug and play automation revolution. No coding. Affordable. Easy Control allows you to create your own intelligent and manageable automated system on the Internet. It allows to design and create any automated system e

efficient and affordable and manage it online.

Easy Control is aimed at electricians, manufacturers, engineers, inventors wishing to design and build any type of automated system, at affordable and manageable costs online. Until now, these professionals had to rely on electronics and ICT specialists to gain some degree of automation. With Easy Control, they are now able to design and create any type of automated solution, ranging from simple prototypes to sophisticated industrial systems, allowing creation without limits, according to the needs of the creator. Easy control is suitable for any type of application. From amateurs to industries. From design to operation.

From water and energy management, smart city improvement, agriculture, commercial applications, prototyping, education and culture, building automation, home automation, aquariums, model making and other hobbies, the possibilities of creating and inventing with Easy Control are almost endless. It’s also a powerful tool for reusing and reinventing old technology, breathing new life into old-fashioned gadgets.

Easy Control was designed from the start to be usable and accessible by everyone. The system offers flexible, robust and affordable creations and experiments for all target audiences, whether they are do-it-yourselfers, hobbyists, small and medium-sized businesses or local communities.

Made in Ocean Indien To discover on Kickstart Easy Control

What does the Easy Control pack include?

Easy Control includes an electrical controller, an open source application compatible with Raspberry Pi as well as cloud services for the management and storage of intelligent systems created by users. Cloud services will be offered in a premium format, without a subscription, with additional features that users can purchase as needed. Truly ready to use, Easy Control offers the most affordable and accessible solution on the market. The company offers a selection of components and then part of the interface helps users choose relevant sensors and actuators for their system.

Easy Control is available on Kickstarter!

Easy Control’s objective on Kickstarter ? Collect $ 47,713 with a deadline of the 1ster October 2018. The delivery of the product is for the month of February 2019. The contributors, depending on the amount of their financial support, may see their name appear in the list of acknowledgments. Beyond 1050 euros will be rewarded with a complete pack composed in particular of 5 Easy Control controllers, to name only this element. Remember that Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform, the first of its kind, which was created in 2009.

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