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Sam’Salama democratizes microinsurance in Madagascar and Connekt4 raises € 250,000 to accelerate the development of HUB2 in Africa.

One is specialized in microinsurance and comes to us from Madagascar. The other has created a universal payment and communication API from Réunion, where it was born. Sam’Salama and Connekt4 are two startups that deserve all our interest… Follow the guide!

Sam’Salama, a startup that democratizes health insurance in Madagascar

Despite its thousand riches, Madagascar is still struggling to develop and equip itself with adequate infrastructure in many essential areas. Among the glaring examples, health services. Paying, many Malagasy cannot benefit from it, for lack of adequate insurance. This situation, although unfortunate, was favorable for the birth of!

Co-founded by Aina Andremanisa and Fanilo Randrianarizay, Sam’Salama is aimed at Malagasy people excluded from the health sector because they have no cover to cover expenses. When given the floor, Aina Andremanisa explains that “Sam’Salama aims to provide a social protection solution to self-employed workers and more broadly to anyone today excluded from the traditional insurance system. The key words of the project are simplicity, accessibility and adaptability ”.

Simple operation and accessible to all Malagasy

As with a conventional health plan, the startup Sam’Salama allows its members to choose the appropriate formula with their needs and their financial capacities. Concretely, members can choose between several formulas and levels of guarantees.

Thus, on the price side, the range starts at 0.40 euros to reach 2.50 euros per person per month. In order to democratize its action, Sam’Salama gives members the possibility of paying their membership fees through mobile payment. To go even further in its approach, the startup has signed partnerships with health establishments, thus preventing members from having to advance their health costs, which are paid directly by Sam’Salama.

Made in Ocean Indien SamSalama Connekt4 HUB2 in Africa

Microinsurance, a sector of the future in Africa

It is a fact, for some years now the microinsurance sector has experienced a real boom in African countries. Many entrepreneurs create their startup in an unstable economic context. Anyway, Aina Andremanisa and Fanilo Randrianarizay made the crazy bet to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure, which is more in this sector of activity.

Portrait of the two startups

Aina Andremanisa, 25, is a health expert. Originally from Madagascar, she has a bachelor’s degree in political science, a master’s degree in international development at Sciences Po Paris obtained in 2015, and a specialized master’s degree in public health, passed to the Pasteur-CNAM school, in 2016.

Fanilo Randrianarizay, his partner, is an insurance expert. At 27, she is more specifically an insurance actuary and deals in particular with risk analysis.

Alarmed by “by the health situation of the Malagasy population, and more generally of the African population”, the two entrepreneurs wish to make their “contribution to the resolution of these care gaps”.

Connekt4: the Reunionese startup raises € 250,000 to accelerate the development of HUB2 in Africa

1605325291 787 Made in Ocean Indien SamSalama Connekt4 HUB2 in Africa

HUB2 is a universal payment and communication API. It allows its users to facilitate payments and mobile communications. It is signed Connekt4, Reunion Island FinTech.

In order to develop and market HUB2 in the French-speaking part of Africa like Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Togo, among others, Connekt4 recently raised funds of € 250,000 by signing an agreement with the Mauritian investor Compass. The icing on the cake, the startup also obtained the FrenchTech BPI (Public Investment Bank) grant, amounting to € 29,000.

Entrepreneurs will no doubt agree that it is difficult to find investors who believe in their project to create a startup. We can say that Connekt4 had a hollow nose in asking Compass. The investment fund has undoubtedly detected the full potential of the Reunionese startup, as Fabrice Boullé, director of the fund, expressed it when signing the contract between the two parties: “We are confident that Ashley has the required qualities. to carry out this ambitious project. We will give it our strategic support and we will open our African network to it in order to increase its chances of success ”. For the record, this signing took place in the premises of SeyesLab, the Agency’s startup accelerator Seyes and shareholder of Connekt4!

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