[Made in Océan Indien] Meeting with Michel Demari, founder of ESOKIA in Mauritius

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ICT.IO today meets Michel Demari, founder and managing director of ESOKIA in Mauritius. Expatriate on the island at the end of 2006, Michel Demari launched Esokia in early 2009, a digital structure for a press group.

Vincent Pollet, FrenchWeb correspondent: Can you tell us about ESOKIA?

Michel Demari, founder and managing director of ESOKIA: ESOKIA WEB AGENCY is an international group that supports its clients in the implementation of their digital transformation. Today we have 2 markets: the European market and particularly France, Switzerland and Benelux, which represents 80% of our activity. For these clients, we produce websites, mobile applications and software as well as TMA.

Our customers are of 4 types; large companies like Orange for example, large digital agencies or IT companies, but also more and more SAAS software publishers and start-ups in the acceleration phase.

For these companies, we respond to their need to increase their development capacity while offering them flexibility at competitive prices.

Our 2nd market is the Indian Ocean market and Africa in the broad sense, on which we are developing more and more and on which we support customers in the implementation and implementation of their tools.

For these clients, we provide consulting services, define user journeys and offer traffic development and visibility services on social networks and on Google.

Made in Ocean Indien Meeting with Michel Demari founder of

What technologies are you addressing?

We are historically very specialized in Open source CMS and PHP frameworks like Drupal or Symfony, but we have since extended our skills to many tools like WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, Silex, Zend. On the mobile pole, we are developing applications either natively on IOS, Android or in hybrid with React Native.

We cover the most popular JavaScript and front-end technologies, such as Angular JS, React JS or Node JS for example. We have also opened a .Net pole with C #, ASP, SharePoint and we have developed expertise on the Sitefinity CMS which is particularly powerful and suitable for the needs of large companies loyal to Microsoft technologies. We are also starting to develop on Java technology and the development of Big Data provides us with new demands.

Precisely, Big Data, blockchain, IA… How is Esokia positioned on these very popular subjects?

As I was telling you, we have Big Data requests for data analysis with the use of tools like Sphynx, for example.

We are also in the process of developing a Chatbot for a French client, based on Google technologies. The implementation of machine learning fascinates us all, because it is the precursor of this digital revolution that we are all living and which is accelerating.

How do you differ from other agencies present in Mauritius?

Today we are an international group of 200 employees with production facilities in Mauritius, but also in Madagascar and Serbia.

We also have a partnership in Costa Rica for the US market.

Today we are the largest independent digital company in the Indian Ocean. Our competitors are therefore mainly international companies.

We work with many clients with different methods and requirements each time.

It shows that we have a very strong ability to adapt, recognized by our partner clients for many years.

What are your plans for 2018?

We are actively looking for ten new collaborators in Mauritius: project managers, web and mobile front office developers as back offices, testers and web designers to enable us to respond to our customers.

I invite all those who are interested to send an email with CV and cover letter to [email protected] to join this great adventure started 10 years ago!

We also invite all start-ups that are having trouble recruiting developers to call on us, because we can offer them competence, flexibility, at affordable prices.

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