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In the collective imagination, web development is an eminently masculine world. Stop clichés, this universe now opens the door wide to the fairer sex. The journey of Reena Seetohul, communications and marketing manager at Astek Mauritius, proves that it is possible to have a career in the sector by being a woman and to build it in Mauritius.

Young Mauritians who can work for their country

Don’t go, we need you! There is a general finding that we see young people going abroad. Don’t they think they belong in the field they are looking for here? The point is, we believe in the potential of this Mauritian youth. That’s why I would tell them just not to go!», Advises Reena Seetohul to young Mauritians.

How did the latter manage to advance her career in the heart of the Indian Ocean?

Reena Seetohul, a technical background, but not only

Born and raised in Strasbourg in a family of 5 children, Reena has lived in Mauritius for 8 years, far from her parents (of Mauritian origin) and her family, who remained in France. If the latter saw her follow a medical or legal path, life decided quite differently… She followed a course which includes information, communication, marketing… and web development.

Reena knew from the start on what bases to base her professional career: a technical background and another in communication. Thus, the young woman embarks on themanagement IT with application development option. Girls are rare in class, but Reena hangs on.

Remember that this course includes mathematics, economics, law, design and modeling of management information systems or even the English language applied to IT and management.

A professional journey that starts very early

Still a student, Reena Seetohul joined XPCOM, a French company, as a developer of a site for stock management in textiles. A first professional experience leading to another, she was recruited by Canon France, for the development of a CRM intended to centralize commercial data for implementation on Oracle.

Thus, for 5 years, Reena worked on the development of other management systems (optimization of collections, management of removals, quality approach in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, among others), training of the team commercial use of CRM.

This last point is interesting, given that Reena was offered a professional opportunity within a training company. Based in Mauritius, it provided face-to-face training throughout Africa and overseas departments and territories, on a DMS (Editor’s note, Dealer Management System) developed for CFAO.

In June 2015, Reena takes a well-deserved break. After refocusing on his family life for 6 months, the call of professional life has done its work through Astek Mauritius. Founded in 2003, it is a subsidiary of the Astek group, a digital services company since 1988. The team is made up of around a hundred bilingual engineers, graduates from prestigious universities around the world and specializing in the latest technologies. There is no shortage of projects and the clientele is diverse: large accounts, SMEs, start-ups, public bodies, etc.

An insatiable thirst for skills

Rome was not made in a day, it is not Reena who will say the opposite. To participate more effectively in the expansion strategy of her business, this seasoned professional is finalizing a Master in Digital Marketing with Paris Dauphine, via AIM – Analysis Institute of Management in Mauritius. Moreover, the company will organize at the end of September two events intended to increase its visibility, but above all to convince young professionals to join the adventure.

In a process of “awareness of tomorrow’s ICT jobs in Mauritius, Reena points out that“We must indeed continue on this orientation (…). Mauritius occupies a very strategic place geographically. We must not forget that we have a lot of partnerships with African countries, which only ask to be exploited even more“.

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