[Made in Océan Indien] Krakathon, between coding and non-stop fun for 24 hours!

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ICI.io initiative in partnership with the National Computer Board (NCB), the Krakathon is a Code challenge, a competition exclusively dedicated to IT development. Similar to the Hackathon, here you have to defeat a Kraken through technical challenges in a minimum of time, to win points and a treasure. Since 2016, the year of the first edition, the event brings together no less than 100 participants, all passionate about coding and all levels. During two days, in October, we witness an unprecedented cohabitation at the Turbine, incubator located at Vivéa Moka Business Park. Zoom in on this competition, the pillar of which is teamwork!

A competition for developers of all levels

The Krakathon may have been imagined “for devs by devs”, it is aimed at all those who have programming knowledge and want to have fun as a team. The latter are thus made up of 4 to 6 developers in all languages, system administrators, coders and hackers. Together, they must earn as many points as possible by completing technical quests. The 2018 edition was no exception to the rule, because in addition to having to face the famous Kraken, coders had to face some particularly met challenges, such as “Excel is the best database in the world”, “WordPress , the firewall of the future ”or“ Testing is for the weak ”,“ A bug that recurs is a desired feature ”or“ Convince your boss to hire an FTP manager ”… In other words, it was necessary also be armed with a good dose of humor!

24h of code and non-stop fun

The Krakathon describes itself as a gathering of talents, amateurs and enthusiasts, having in common the geek universe. However, to participate in this high-tech naval epic and face the Kraken, it is not necessary to know a particular programming language. What is more, so that each participant can express all their talent, the organizers provide WiFi, electricity and personalized t-shirts in the colors of each team. This year, 200 Kratos t-shirts were distributed to those present. Finally, there are meals, drinks and various activities to ensure the atmosphere during the competition for visitors and children who come to observe the event more closely.

Coding, fun, but also coworking

Yes, the Krakathon is a competition, but the event goes even further in its approach to gathering talents. Indeed, it is an exceptional opportunity to nourish its professional network thanks to the thousand meetings which take place during these two days: ICT.io invites all amateurs, enthusiasts and professionals of IT development to embark for an experience outside the common in Mauritius.

More and more sponsors are interested in the Krakathon

Over the years, the Krakathon has become a flagship event, not failing to hold the attention of major brands. The 2018 edition benefited from no less than 15 sponsors: Event Store, Spoon Consulting, Accenture Technology, DSO Group, Lexpress.mu, LSL Digital, Expat.com, Mauritius Telecom, NCB, Astek, Maureva, Esokia Agency, Club Mate, 1.0.1 Multimedia and the MCB!

A real little treasure at stake

In addition to the opportunity to code, the Krakathon allows you to win tidy sums. In order, in 2016, the very first edition of the challenge, the “42” team posted 8,450 points making it win the treasure in the amount of… RS 50,000. In 2017, it was the turn of the “Force Coders” to leave with a loot of Rs 60,000. This year, not only the jackpot increased again to reach Rs 80,000, but the sponsor 1.0.1 Multimedia added a ProLite LCD screen. The set was won by Rubiks, while second place went to “Wachawi”, who won Rs 40,000 and the third, awarded to “Xtnsio”, winning a check for Rs 20,000.

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