[Made in Océan Indien] Homepanda, the first mobile platform dedicated to real estate in Mauritius

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The Mauritian digital sphere is preparing to welcome shortly a new mobile application called Smart. Called Homepanda, it is the very first platform of its kind exclusively dedicated to real estate on the island. Among its main objectives: to facilitate the research process, while allowing future buyers or tenants to come into direct contact with the seller.

Thanks to this app, Mauritians will not only be able to save in agency fees, but also find the ideal accommodation without having to travel! To function, Homepanda relies on the geolocation of the user. Thus, it is able to find and display all offers for rental and sale of surrounding real estate. Proposed by Panda & Wolf, this mobile application will be launched and available from mid-February.

Real estate in Mauritius is now entitled to its Smart application!

According to a study carried out by the MCB, based on a survey carried out by DCDM Research and figures from Statistics Mauritius, 89% of Mauritian households owned their homes in 2011, or 13% more than in 1990. D ‘ on the other hand, today, Mauritians no longer hesitate to move and especially to rent their accommodation.

Homepanda is timely in such a context with its geolocation system: faced with growing demand, a Smart mobile application was missing. Described readily as a real innovation in the real estate market in Mauritius, the application effectively integrates technological advances to serve the stone industry and make the user experience even more concrete.

Finding a home just got easier

It is difficult to find accommodation when the ads are out of date, when the ideal accommodation has already been rented or sold. To counter the frustration, Homepanda was designed to display real estate listings only in real time. Better yet, you don’t have to be connected to the internet to use it, thanks to push notifications, always depending on the user’s geographical position.

Practical advice and good addresses with Homepanda!

Dedicated primarily to real estate ads, Homepanda has been designed to bring a not inconsiderable little extra to its users: good addresses for service providers. Who says moving in says decoration, furniture, etc. Also, the Smart application will give advice on transforming a simple home into a warm home. Regular publications on the latest trends for the home will also be on the program, as well as practical solutions and advice. The list, which is not exhaustive, ranges from decoration to architecture, including landscaping, furniture or specific pieces.

Homepanda wants to seduce the South African market

The Homepanda application will make its entrance through the main door in Mauritius in mid-February. However, its designers see even further, wishing to establish it in the South African market in the coming months. In just a few years, the real estate sector has taken off unexpectedly to become one of the main engines of the Mauritian economy.

This trend is illustrated by the increase year after year in the number of foreign investors in luxury residences, to the delight of real estate agencies. Homepanda does well to establish itself as a leader in a promising niche: that of facilitating and simplifying access to real estate for Mauritians.

Panda & Wolf, communication agency behind Homepanda

Less than a year ago, the young communication agency Panda & Wolf, founded by Brian and Veda Dean, made a name for itself by launching Discover (Mauritius) ™, the very first 100% Made in Moris mobile tourism application. Eager for creative projects and turned to the best of technology, Discover (Mauritius) ™ has earned the digital start-up a place among the 500 most innovative projects on the African continent as well as a national and regional nomination for Southern Africa Startups Awards in 2018. With more than 30,000 users, the app won silver at the Best Mobile App Awards in the United States in 2017!

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