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Take lawyers, jurists and their assistants, all passionate about their profession, give them all the good reasons to enforce fair, transparent and universal justice, and you get Yellaw. This law firm, grouped together in an Economic Interest Group (GIE), specializes in business law. International in scope, with a portfolio of major accounts (debt collection companies, banks, insurance companies, etc.). Yellaw has branches all over the world and its last destination is none other than the island Mauritius where they created an LPO structure.

Yellaw is above all a group of men and women in which each individual contributes to a collective and multicultural know-how. The firm has all the resources necessary to avoid inherent questions, in particular: labor law, intellectual property, infrastructure and urban development, health and the environment, agri-food, digital economy, tax law , New Technologies, Islamic Finance and Debt Collection (for over 30 years).

After France and Asia, Yellaw says hello to Africa

If we find its offices in Lyon and Grenoble, Yellaw travels around the world and sets up everywhere: in the Antilles Guyana area, within ASEAN and now in Africa, more particularly on the island. Mauritius, in the heart of the Indian Ocean.

This destination was not chosen at random since it practices mixed law, a clever mix of the French Civil Code and vestiges of English law. Another equally interesting fact is that the Republic of Mauritius is located halfway between South East Asia, French-speaking Africa and Europe: the perfect legal hub for the French firm.

DODO BANK, debt collection accessible to all

Yellaw has always worked for the computerization of the automation of its processes. Its department specializing in debt collection has not escaped this desire of the firm which has made it concrete by developing DODO BANK (www.dodobank.fr), website for judicial debt collection. By transforming its expertise into a Legaltech, Yellaw democratizes this form of legal action.

Made in Ocean Indien DODO BANK when lawyers create Legaltechs

The operation of DODO BANK could not be simpler, as explained on the home page of the site:

  1. Connect to the DODO BANK website, accessible on www.dodobank.fr
  1. Choose from the 5 recovery packs that meet your needs:
  • Pack 1: debtor “Head in the air” – 50 € HT which includes: 1 simple letter with Lawyer letterhead – 1 registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt (LRAR) of formal notice on Lawyer letterhead.
  • Pack 2: debtor “Pig’s head” – 100 € HT which includes: 1 simple letter with Lawyer letterhead – 1 simple reminder with Lawyer letterhead – 1 LRAR of formal notice on Lawyer letterhead.
  • Pack 3 debtor “Dog’s head” – 200 € HT which includes: 1 simple letter with lawyer letterhead – 1 simple reminder with lawyer letterhead -1 LRAR of formal notice on lawyer letterhead – 1 summons by bailiff of Justice.
  • Pack 4: debtor “Skull” – 800 € HT which includes: 1 simple letter with Lawyer letterhead – 1 LRAR of formal notice on Lawyer letterhead – 1 Summons by Lawyer – 1 monitoring of the procedure by Lawyer – 1 enforceable judgment.
  • Pack 5: I need a lawyer – 50 € (Price for 20 minutes)

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  1. Select whether you are a private or professional creditor
  1. Enter your details, then those of your debtor
  1. Scan and download in the online form all the documents justifying your need for recovery
  1. Dodo Bank takes over immediately by relaunching your debtor. Depending on the package chosen, the debtor will receive:
  • A simple letter on lawyer letterhead
  • A simple raise with lawyer letterhead
  • A formal notice to lawyer letterhead
  • A summons by a bailiff
  • A summons by lawyer
  • Legal monitoring of the procedure
  • An enforceable judgment

Payment is made online, by PayPal or by Visa / MasterCard / American Express or Discover.

Yellaw has a simple goal: to democratize the debt collection process. With the DODO BANK website, individuals and professionals have an easily accessible tool to recover their money, but also to receive interest and be reimbursed for legal fees!

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