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From the Cities-Program start-up, via the Les Satellites Nice coworking space, an overview of economic and digital news with Sébastien Thubet, FrenchWeb correspondent.

Start up of the month:

Cities-Program® is an innovative digital concept that simultaneously addresses 3 local issues:

– The dissemination of exhaustive event information

– A subscription promotion for local advertisers

– Attractive remuneration of a network of local independent agents

Made in Nice Cities Program Les Satellites Nice BA06 Event La

In January 2018, Cities Program® officially launched its development in PACA with the Nice and Cannes establishments but above all with its long-term collaborative marketing system. Thus with this system the “Independent Agents” or “Cities Agent”, benefit from remuneration for 12 months for each sale and even up to 24 months!

Let us take the example of a student who during his summer vacation decides to become a Cities Agent in Nice: At the end of his 3 months of vacation he will have made 20 sales of subscriptions at 99 € HT / month, he will then receive the total, for his 3 months of work: € 13,714 spread over 24 months.

1605323880 475 Made in Nice Cities Program Les Satellites Nice BA06 Event La“When a restaurateur invests today € 100 in a digital channel (Facebook, TripAdvisor, Google, etc.) this investment disappears completely from the local economy and with customer acquisition costs which increase at the whim of these “Giants”. When this same restaurateur invests € 100 with Cities Program®, 40% are directly donated via their Cities Agent, and thus, not only, they benefit from quality digital services (evolving over time and without price increases) ensuring its attendance and a quick and efficient ROI, but in addition it financially supports a member of the community while ensuring the sustainability of its local economy. It is by redistributing that we will ensure the interest and future of the markets in the long term. »Thomas Capiten, founder of Cities Program®.

The ambition of Cities Program® is to revolutionize the traditional systems of commercial service and more broadly of income support.

Founder: Thomas capiten
Email: [email protected]
Site: www.cities-program.com

Address :

CEEI Nice Côte d’Azur

61 avenue Simone Veil, Premium building

06200 Nice

Place of the month:

Nice Satellites

Our co-working space is located between the sea and the mountains. Our district is that of the center of Nice and we are proud of it: it is full of life and creativity, is dotted with restaurants, bars, galleries and all kinds of shops. If you walk its streets, you’ll love it the way we love it, immediately. We use our coworking space as our headquarters, like a treehouse, like a clubhouse: it’s the place where the people of the Satellites meet and live, create, share and collaborate.

1605323881 130 Made in Nice Cities Program Les Satellites Nice BA06 Event La

Our space embodies our shared need for community. It exists because of our community. It is this place of meeting, chaos and harmony that we have built in our image. The Sats membership community is eclectic, diverse, rich in practices and experiences. Our professions reproduce this: photography, IT, architecture, advertising, facilitation, graphics, consulting, law, art, finance, administration, accounting, marketing, journalism, etc. And our curiosity goes beyond that. Each person in the Sats has a story to tell, which makes this melting pot of knowledge, knowledge and intentions interesting and exciting.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/LesSatellites

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lessatellites/

Location: 15 av. Georges Clemenceau 06000 NICE

Website : https://www.lessatellites.fr

Phone. : 04 93 54 48 15
Email: [email protected]

E-Health: theory and practical examples with IBM

E-Health is a very broad concept which encompasses many themes. The objective of this presentation is twofold. On the one hand, to understand what is meant by e-Health, or at least, that it is the interpretation made by IBM. On the other hand, “live” demonstrations in order to understand what is hidden behind the concepts and what is the field of possibilities “today”.

BA06 Event 8th edition – The innovation market

BA06 event organizes an innovation market at the CCI Nice Côté d’Azur headquarters; a business day where innovative companies, investors, accompanying experts, principals, sponsors, partners and media meet.
Punctuated by different highlights, the event offers you many opportunities for meetings and partnerships.

Young Shoots Challenge Final

Student entrepreneurship competition (Professional License, Master, Doctorate and young graduates with national Student-Entrepreneur status), the Challenge Jeunes Pousses brings together students from the French Riviera in multidisciplinary teams to develop technological, social or tourist innovation projects for 6 months .

European funding for e-health startups

This event aims to present all the European financial programs and instruments specific to SMEs / Startups that exist on the topic of connected health, while offering a pragmatic approach based on open calls for projects through individualized support and practical exercises in workgroups.

5 days to do business with the Nice Côte d’Azur CCI

Are you a creator / buyer? You have a project ? Come and formalize it! Measure the relevance of your project, test and validate its feasibility and build your business plan.

The Freelance Fair

The event is built by and for self-employed workers, the objective being to unite, to provide the keys to success and to bring out a collective conscience. The Niçoise stage will take place at the Satellites over a day of conferences, workshops and meetings and to which freelancers from Nice and the surrounding area will be invited.

IRCE – Successful business development

1st edition: The commercial parenthesis – Successful commercial development: How to develop my commercial activity? How to find new customers? How to go to new markets? How can I improve my sales performance?

The correspondent:

sebastien-thubetWith ten years of experience in digital and brand strategy, Sebastien thubet intervenes for the CEEI NCA(Center Européen d’Entreprises et d’Innovation Nice Côte d’Azur) in supporting innovative startups.

sebastien.thubet @nicecotedazur.org

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