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From the start-up IOV to the agenda of Tech events of the month, an overview of the New York digital ecosystem with Mona Saidi, FrenchWeb correspondent in New York.

IOV is the first startup that seeks to make blockchain accessible to the public through the introduction of a set of technologies that will allow crypto holders to exchange values ​​more easily. Interview with the founders of this startup with a not so simple mission.

Made in New York IOV French Fintech StartOut New York

IOV’s founders: Karim Ganem, Isabella Dell and Antoine Herzog

What is the IOV value proposition?

The main purpose ofIOV is to allow the generalization of blockchains. We believe that everyone should be able to exchange values ​​through blockchains as easily as exchanging information on the Internet. We also believe in a world where everyone would be able to create their own blockchain and integrate it into a globalized ecosystem.

That is why IOV presents the Blockchain Name Service, which is sort of the DNS (Domain Name System) for blockchain technology. Just as DNS technology resolves the IP addresses of a domain name, the Blockchain Name Service provides you with the IP address of the blockchain to which a token belongs. The ultimate goal is to get a catalog of all active blockchains, their respective token in the world, and their bootstrap nodes. In this way, anyone can trade any type of value in the world through a secure, decentralized and intuitive user experience.

Once all the blockchains are cataloged on the Blockchain Name Service, it is necessary to have a standard of communication with them. This is why IOV offers the Blockchain Communication Protocol, which is a collection of different standards to be implemented by blockchains to ensure token creators that their blockchains and tokens are visible and can be easily exchanged in the world. whole.

How does IOV plan to mainstream blockchains for everyone?

IOV will make the Blockchain experience not only secure but also simpler, so that anyone can take part even without being an expert in cryptocurrency. With the IOV wallet for example, the user will have a readable address instead of the addresses typically used today in blockchains, which often use a complex combination of characters and numbers. For example, instead of 1BvBMSEYstWetqTFn5Au4m4GFg7xJaNVN2, IOV provides a simple Value Address, like john * newyork.value. Not only is such an address much easier to remember, it also presents much less potential for errors when entering the address in a token transaction.

Another issue that IOV intends to fix is ​​that users have to download a new wallet every time they receive a different token. The IOV Wallet makes it possible to store and exchange multiple types of values. As long as blockchains implement BCP, all of their respective tokens will be present in the same wallet. It is much more efficient and much more practical.

What makes IOV different from existing blockchain technologies?

The majority of interoperability efforts have been made in exchanges. We create infrastructures where each protocol of each existing blockchain runs in parallel so that the end user can exchange their tokens between the blockchains, but this approach is not scalable and raises proven security problems. With the increase in the number of blockchains, infrastructure maintenance costs have increased significantly. IOV takes the opposite approach. Instead of first trying to create autonomous blockchains and then asking how blockchains will be integrated into an ecosystem, IOV offers a protocol thought out from its conception to solve the problem of interoperability. Any blockchain can implement BCP and immediately reap the benefits.

What are the future challenges for IOV? (technological, market, financial, etc.)

We are currently looking for long-term strategic partnerships in order to face all aspects of the challenges that we have identified as such. We are particularly concerned by the legal compliance of our project vis-à-vis the various regulations of blockchain technology. Our ICO (Initial Coin Offering) must also be launched very soon and we are working a lot on it so that our project is successful.

Can you tell us more about the members of the IOV team and their background?

The co-founders of IOV are experienced crypto-entrepreneurs. Isabella Dell enjoys a prominent influence in the Blockchain industry. She was Chief Systems Architect and the first technician to be employed at LISK. Karim Ganem is an entrepreneur with 15 years of experience and winner of an award. And Antoine Herzog, entrepreneur and patent inventor, is also an award holder in the blockchain industry.

A few words on the genesis and history of the project?

Antoine and Karim are both based in France. They had already worked together on many projects when the idea of ​​a transition in the field of Blockchain appeared to them. In 2017, they decided to participate in the Cosmos Hackathon to finish in first place with a project called Multiverse. They have since decided to continue their work on a project that would make blockchain technology more accessible to a less experienced audience. After meeting Isabella, who shared an identical vision on the future of blockchains and had significant experience in the subject, the idea of ​​founding IOV together came to fruition. We published a blog post (in English) on this subject:

For more information, come visit us at www.iov.one and join our Telegram channel at https://t.me/internetofvalues.

This month’s agenda: French Fintech, StartOut New York, Data Science Day …

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Transatlantic Perspectives on Fintech Innovation and Regulation

Wednesday March 28, 2018 at the Consulate General of France in New York

This event will bring together startups, investors, regulatory bodies and institutions to share experiences and discuss the regulations and technologies that shape the fintech ecosystem on both sides of the Atlantic. Blockchain, digital identity, Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity will be some of the topics covered.

In the program :

  • Representatives of the Innovation Hub of the Prudential Control Authority and the Resolution will present the French single entry point regulatory system for project creators as well as the French licensing process.
  • Experts from the Banque de France will discuss the Central Bank’s approach to financial technologies and its flagship Fintech projects.

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StartOut New York Presents Blockchains and ICOs: Scaling Your Startup Series

Wednesday March 28 in New York

The Blockchain – which we will no longer present – and the ICO – a new form of financing based on the blockchain – are in the process of profoundly transforming the entrepreneurial landscape. If you have a startup and are wondering how to use Blockchain as leverage for your platform or how to make a successful ICO (Initial Coin Offering), a panel of experts seasoned in blockchain implementation and ICO preparation has the answer to your questions. This event is part of a series of events on how to scale your Startup.

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Data Science Day

Wednesday March 28, 2018 at Columbia University

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Data Science at Columbia, researchers from the prestigious American university will present their latest projects on the subject at this one-day conference. Demonstrations and lightning presentations will provide a platform for educators, professionals and innovators in the sector.

In the program :

  • Data science for medical discovery
  • Climate & Finance: Using financial data to measure and anticipate financial risk
  • Machine Learning: The Good, The Bad, and Legal Perspectives
  • Conversation by the fireside: Data and Democracy

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Empire Startups Fintech Conference

April 18 in New York

Blockchain, loans, robo-advisors, insurtech, real estate… discover the players who are opening up new avenues in the fintech field at the Empire Startups Fintech conference. This event attracts hundreds of fintech entrepreneurs every year and welcomes investors and service providers who help these startups grow. On the program for this event: demonstrations of the most innovative fintechs, expert panels and discussions on the hottest fintech topics.

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Made in New York IOV French Fintech StartOut New York

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